If You're A Vintage Comic And Original Art Collector, This Week, You Live In Jon Berk's World

Jon Berk

The Jon Berk original art and comic book collection auction closes this week in five live sessions, happening each night this week at Comic Connect, 7pm to 12am EDT.  It's one of the most important collections of rare vintage comic books and art ever assembled, and the kind of event that collectors will be talking about for years to come.

Berk is a well-known collector and historian in vintage comic collecting circles, and he has been sharing the knowledge of his discoveries and research for going on 25 years now. One of his best-remembered pieces of research was in finding and interviewing the man behind the famous Lamont Larson collection, for example. Over on the Collector's Society message boards, he's been posting scans from his collection for over a decade.

There are some 3,000 lots up for auction this week, it's just a staggering quantity of highly-desirable material to view all at once.  From Fantastic Comics #3 CGC 9.4 and Wonder Comics #1 CGC 9.4 to the original cover of Planet Comics #1 by Lou Fine and the original cover of Pep Comics #30 by Bob Montana, there are countless items here that … I would love to own.   How does this collection of comics and original art compare to the historic great collections?  Bleeding Cool spoke to Comic Connect's Vincent Zurzolo to find out.

The Jon Berk collection seems stunningly impressive, maybe one of the best ever assembled. How do you feel it compares to other legendary collections? What makes Berk's so special to you?

The Jon Berk Collection is one of the greatest, non-original owner collections ever assembled. The massive number of pedigrees, over 150 Mile Highs and hundreds of other pedigrees including Larson, D Copy, Pennsylvania and Chicago make this collection legendary. The number of incredibly rare books from the early Golden Age, many we have never offered before in any grade, make this a unique opportunity to add grail type pieces to your collection. The art selection is incredibly impressive as well. Berk had a great eye for art and his holdings include the cover to Planet Comics #1, All-New #8, Pep Comics #30, interior pages from Amazing Spider-Man #6, Fantastic Four #3 and Hulk #4 and over 300 other pieces as well. Between the amazing selection of Golden and Silver age original art and comics makes The Jon Berk Collection on ComicConnect.com the auction of the decade!

There are a lot of Mile High copies as part of this auction. After all this time, are those books really the best? Has it stood the test of time?

The collection Edgar Church amassed was astounding. Jon Berk realized that the Mile Highs were a cut above the rest and put together quite a group including the Wonderworld and the Mystery Men runs. Personally, I have held 9.4 copies of Golden Age comics from other collections alongside a Mile High and the Mile High is just better. The crispness of the pages, the vibrant colors on the covers, the sharpness of the corners, the heft and the actual weight of the book are all superior.

Another stunning Action #1 is included, you are well known for being THE source for copies, how does this one compare to other copies of the gem you've handled.

Our company has sold more Action #1s in the last 10 years than every other major source combined. We are very proud of this fact. What makes the Jon Berk copy so intriguing is that it is the first conserved label copy we have ever offer. It is becoming very apparent that the collecting community views a conserved book differently than a restored copy. Apparent because as of this interview the price is just under $300k.

With almost 3,000 lots, the auction is huge! Where do you think a new buyer should look to find values? If someone has never bid with your company before, where do they even begin with such a treasure trove?

There are so many areas of the collection, whether it be in the art or comic section, to find value. The key here is not to think about what something might be worth today alone. Look at the piece you want and be willing to go the extra mile to get it as this is a statement collection. These pieces will continue to appreciate. Beyond the monetary value, look for comics or art that appeal to you, that you think are cool, that are rare, that can be a keepsake of The Jon Berk Collection and now part of your collection.





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