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Marvel Comics Wednesday
It was intended to be the first appearance of the new character Virus, who looks like Venom crossed with Cable or Deadpool while using the tools of the Green Goblin The problem is, that Venom #26, published last week, continued the story in this week's Free Comic Book Day title, which has finally reached the[...]
Virus, an imprint of Heavy Metal, has new books this week for new and returning readers Ranging from horror to sci-fi, these comics are perfect for the reader who's looking for something different. Mortis centers around three soldiers who are sent to a distant and unknown island located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean[...]
virus all
Heavy Metal Magazine is launching a new creator-owned imprint of direct-shipping comic books this week and they are calling it 'Virus' Launching this coming Wednesday, with the first four out of eight new titles Two of which are written by Heavy Metal's new CEO Matt Medney and Morgan Rosenblum, the CCO of Matt's other music/custom[...]
Auto Draft
Cates talked about how The Maker has been using the Ultimate Venom Symbiote as a way to slip through to other dimensional universes, which is pretty much his entire bag these days after Marvel's Secret Wars. As for the character on the front cover of Venom #26, they are called Virus, who is after Eddie Brock's[...]
the stand
Since that time, though? Things have been a little quiet… until now. While CBS All Access has not confirmed their reporting, Collider is exclusively citing "multiple agency sources" that the following actors are in negotiations for the following roles: HBO/Warner Bros./CBS All Access/Monica Lek/Netflix/ABC ● James Marsden (Westworld) as Stu Redman, a former military man who is immune[...]
United Talent Agency Hit By Cyberattack, Ransom In Bitcoins Rumored
In another skirmish in the ongoing cyberwars, one of Hollywood's leading talent management agencies is the victim of a computer virus which has brought it's internal network operations to a near-standstill The United Talent Agency, with offices worldwide, was struck Monday, causing email, file access, and network communications in their Beverly Hills headquarters to shut[...]
Vault Comics Powerless Makes Superpowers Less Unique
And then, a virus pops up that not only strips them of those abilities, but kills them That is the set-up for Vault Comics new sci-fi series Powerless from writer David Booher and artists Nathan Gooden and Mike Spicer. Seeking a new way to tell stories about people with powers, they succeed in making a moody,[...]
A Computer Virus You Won't Mind Getting
In a world where "I got a virus" is more likely to mean a trip to the Geek Squad than the Doctor, computers are rampant and so are those malicious little worms designed to cause havok Well, one company has decided to take the fear of Malware and Trojans and turn them into something to[...]