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New BBC Talk Show Puts Creepy CGI Putin Behind the Desk

New BBC Talk Show Puts Creepy CGI Putin Behind the Desk

Depending on how this plays out, a new BBC talk show might end up being the coolest, weirdest thing on television. Tonight with Vladimir Putin reminds me a lot of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, but the new show puts a CGI Vlad into a live setting, with real studio guests. The show will be […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Director Says Trump is Worse Than Thanos

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is unapologetically vocal about sharing his political beliefs on Twitter, and he doesn't care if it costs him any followers. Gunn is always ready to call out President Donald Trump for his misdeeds, and that was as true as ever Monday following Trump's butt-kissing joint press conference with Russian […]

Mark Millar Says WB Wants a Superman: Red Son Director, Vladimir Putin Could Finance It

As previously reported by Bleeding Cool, superstar comics writer Mark Millar decided to ring in the new year by hanging out with controversial pro-Brexit socialist politician George Galloway on the Russian state-funded propaganda network, RT. Here at Bleeding Cool, we dutifully donned our tinfoil hats to protect our brains from mind control beams and watched […]

Would You Pay $1 Million Dollars For A Tim Burton Batmobile?

According to THR, one of the original Batmobiles from the Tim Burton directed 1989 Batman film is being put up for auction for $1 million dollars. It is being sold by a Russian site Auto.ru and is the first time a Batmobile has ever been exhibited in the country let alone owned by a Russian. "We […]

Arthur Adams Draws Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin For GQ

The amazing Arthur Adams has been tapped by GQ Magazine to do some art pertaining to people in the news. The piece below features Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, suspended FIFA president Seth Blatter, pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli and someone from the Jenner / Kardashian crew… I'm guessing Kris Jenner. A note on one […]