Volition is Hiring for a Senior Writer for their AAA Team

Volition, the studio best known for working on the Saint's Row series, is looking to add a new Senior Writer to their AAA development team to work on research and narrative development as well as write and revise player and NPC dialogue. The job listing did not indicate what games the position is connected to, […]

'Saints Row' & 'Agents Of Mayhem' Developer Volition Experience Layoffs

Thirty employees are currently looking for new employment today as Volition, the studio behind titles like Saints Row, Red Faction, and Agents Of Mayhem, went through a series of layoffs today. Kotaku was the first to break the news, citing that poor sales of Agents Of Mayhem led to the decisions, which included general manager Dan […]

Agents Of Mayhem Promises A Massive Amount Of Action In The Latest Trailer

Deep Silver and Volition's Saint's Row spin-off Agents of Mayhem has been quietly shuffling along in the final stages of development since E3, but they won't be keeping that silence. The latest trailer promises a whole host of things, including some supermassive quantities of action. Today's trailer isn't as exciting as the last one, which […]

A New 'Agents Of Mayhem' Trailer Debuts "The Bombshells"

The new Agents Of Mayhem trailer is looking pretty fantastic, as their latest endeavor introduces everyone to a trio of fighters who are your essential team for getting through tough situations. Joule, Rama, and Redcard are basically self-contained weapons of destructions on their own, as you can see in the trailer at the bottom, but […]

Sowing The Seeds Of Chaos With Agents Of Mayhem At E3

Last year I got the chance to take an early build of Deep Silver and Volition's Agents of Mayhem for a spin, and was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the game functioned. The over-the-top characterizations, the cringe-worthy catchphrases, and absolute absurdity of the gameplay made it incredibly enjoyable. Agents of Mayhem has not once taken itself seriously, and […]

The Agents Of Mayhem Invites You To Check Out Their Sweet Rides

Agents of Mayhem, Volition's spinoff of Saint's Row, which is being published by Deep Silver and distributed by Square Enix in North America, is slowly inching it's way toward release. In the latest trailer for the game, we get to check out each of the agents signature cars, because watching a bunch of over-the-top virtual superspies […]

Indulge Your Desire For Chaos With The Latest Agents Of Mayhem Trailer

This latest trailer for Volition, Deep Silver, and Square Enix's spinoff of the Saint's Row series Agents of Mayhem features the three primary agents of the aptly named Mayhem agency. Those agents are the prettyboy Hollywood, the tank-like Hardtack, and the tiny-but-deadly Fortune. Yes, their names are pretty much fitting with their over-the-top personas, and that's just how Agents of […]

Saint's Row Developer Announces New Game Agents Of Mayhem

Volition are a very outgoing developer, and have garnered quite a following with its Saint's Row franchise, which has evolved into something entirely silly and fun since its inception. They seem to be continuing that taste with their "new" IP Agents of Mayhem. It's been revealed by IGN First, who claim that it is a […]

Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Gets An Informercial To Celebrate Its Launch

Saints Row has really gone full crazy. At one point this franchise was a semi-grounded Grand Theft Auto clone. Now, it's a conduit for every zany and odd ball idea Volition have. In Saint's Row 4 for example, you played as a super powered US President fighting an evil alien race. It really is the […]