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Thor #702 cover by Russel Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
The Unworthy Odinson brings ill news, though, as Volstagg has just been found, barely alive. The Odinson pushes Thor to acknowledge her illness and remedy that so she will not soon fall to it She takes his advice — in a way She relinquishes Mjolnir to approach All-Father Odin in her dying human form He answers. Thor[...]
Thor #701 Review: The Rampage Of The Mangog
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Volstagg, the War Thor, has come face to face with the Mangog in the ruins of Old Asgard The two enter a vicious battle where neither party will yield an inch Thunder will be called down Blows will be exchanged The ruins of Old Asgard will be shaken. Elsewhere, Roxxon further exploits the realm of[...]
Marvel Legacy The Mighty Thor #700 Review: Thunder Through The Ages
Meanwhile, Thor finds herself locked in tense combat with Jen Walters, the She-Hulk In Asgardia, the immortals struggle to keep Volstagg contained when the Ultimate Mjolnir lands once more within his reach. Loki and Laufey have just finished a victory against the mountain giants. We are given a glimpse into a future where King Thor rules Midgard, and[...]