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With "The Day of The Doctor", we got possibly the best multiple-Doctor crossover that also introduced John Hurt as the War Doctor and brought back Tom Baker for the first time in decades And of course, we got Smith delivering one of the most poignant regeneration speeches as his swan-song The highs of his run[...]
Paul Darrow, Star of 'Blake's 7', Passes Away Aged 78
Hurt, of course, played Quentin Crisp, became the first death in Alien and played the War Doctor on Doctor Who McShane starred in the British crime comedy series Lovejoy and is now most famous for playing Wednesday on American Gods and Al Swearengen on Deadwood. Paul Darrow Never Stopped Working Apart from Blake's 7, Darrow appeared in over[...]
John Hurt Returns As The War Doctor In Doctor Who: Only The Monstrous
John Hurt is The Doctor, the War Doctor, sitting between the Eighth and the Ninth Doctors in Doctor Who lore He has appeared twice in the TV show, but now returns to play the character in a new series of radio dramas from Big Finish from December in twelve new episodes. The audio adventures of The War[...]