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War of the Worlds 4K

'War of the Worlds' Hits 4K Blu-ray On May 19th

War of the Worlds, the 2005 blockbuster from Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, is getting a 4K Blu-ray release on May 19th. I think time has been kind to this film- I loved it when it was released that summer, but I feel like I was in the minority. As an actor, I am […]

'War of the Worlds' TV Series Coming Starring Gabriel Byrne, Elizabeth McGovern

Apparently, we're getting yet-another War of the Worlds adaptation. No, not the BBC's version which is due out this year (although we are looking forward to it)–yet ANOTHER one, in a television format. According to Deadline, this non-BBC tv adaptation from Urban Myth Film's TV will be a contemporary take. Set in Europe, this reimagining will follow the […]

Castle of Horror: 'War of the Worlds' [1953] Grimmer Than You Remember

For our second Halloween Week episode, the Castle Team look at the amazing 1953 film War of the Worlds starring Gene Barry. This is a film that turned out to be darker than we expected because the lessons of the film– basically man is screwed in some catastrophes and smart people won't be able to […]

On This Day In Pop Culture History For February 12

Welcome to Day in History here at Bleeding Cool, where we will be looking at important comics/film/tv/whatever is interesting facts for the date at hand! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool. So, without further ado: Here are some things that have happened on February 12: 1879- The first artificial ice […]

How To Run Like Tom Cruise – Afterwards, They Will Explode

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3j0c8q5OEM[/youtube] After the airing of a recent video that Patrick Willems created for Bleeding Cool as part of the Afterwards, They Will Explode feature, he was contacted by a major PR agency representing one of the most famous brands in the world, looking to recreate it. We look forward to hearing more about that… But […]

First Trailer For New War Of The Worlds Showcases Stop Motion FX

There's yet another War of the Worlds coming, and I'm not talking about the secret reason the illuminati just pulled the plug on SETI. This is one more adaptation of HG Wells' seminal science fiction classic. Amongst the producers on this new production is Stephen Chiodo, stop motion legend and co-director of Killer Klowns From […]