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THE ISSUE: Fighters from Mars Attack

THE ISSUE: Fighters from Mars Attack

Wells[/caption]  Fighters from Mars: The War of the Worlds in and Near Boston What is Fighters from Mars? Some sources say that this story is considered unauthorized, but a closer look reveals something far more fascinating Following up the serialized release of War of the Worlds in Cosmopolitan in the US, altered and localized versions of the[...]

War of the Worlds Hits 4K Blu-ray On May 19th

'War of the Worlds' Hits 4K Blu-ray On May 19th

War of the Worlds, the 2005 blockbuster from Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, is getting a 4K Blu-ray release on May 19th I think time has been kind to this film- I loved it when it was released that summer, but I feel like I was in the minority As an actor, I am[...]

War of the Worlds TV Series Coming Starring Gabriel Byrne Elizabeth McGovern

'War of the Worlds' TV Series Coming Starring Gabriel Byrne, Elizabeth McGovern

Apparently, we're getting yet-another War of the Worlds adaptation No, not the BBC's version which is due out this year (although we are looking forward to it)--yet ANOTHER one, in a television format.According to Deadline, this non-BBC tv adaptation from Urban Myth Film’s TV will be a contemporary take Set in Europe, this reimagining will follow the pockets[...]

Castle of Horror: War of the Worlds [1953] Grimmer Than You Remember

Castle of Horror: 'War of the Worlds' [1953] Grimmer Than You Remember

For our second Halloween Week episode, the Castle Team look at the amazing 1953 film War of the Worlds starring Gene Barry This is a film that turned out to be darker than we expected because the lessons of the film-- basically man is screwed in some catastrophes and smart people won't be able to[...]

How To Run Like Tom Cruise &#8211 Afterwards They Will Explode

How To Run Like Tom Cruise – Afterwards, They Will Explode

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3j0c8q5OEM[/youtube] After the airing of a recent video that Patrick Willems created for Bleeding Cool as part of the Afterwards, They Will Explode feature, he was contacted by a major PR agency representing one of the most famous brands in the world, looking to recreate it. We look forward to hearing more about that… But […]