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Luke Cage #5 Review: A Powerful Finale For The First Arc
Meanwhile, Lenore and Noah Burstein are trying to take Warhawk to a place where they can save his life Unfortunately, it's not where Burstein or Warhawk expect. Cyril Morgan still moves against Cage and Burstein from his estate. This was the kind of explosive finale that I was hoping for There is a lot of action, drama,[...]
Luke Cage
This person calls in a small brigade of hitmen to deal with the problem of Cage, Warhawk, and Burstein. The story is really beginning to get some traction with Luke Cage #4 Where the previous issues were setting up the mystery and the shock turn in #3, this one begins to move into the answers and[...]
Luke Cage #3 Review: The Burstein Mystery Takes A Turn
Now, in Luke Cage #3, he's turned his sights on Luke Cage and Warhawk. Even if Luke can survive the fight, there are a lot of things he still needs to figure out about the mystery of Dr Noah Burstein's alleged suicide, and a lot of things aren't adding up — especially things he's heard from Dr[...]
Luke Cage #2 Review: Slow, A Little Confusing, But Stays Enjoyable
Walker, Nelson Blake II, and Marcio Menyz. Having just been saved by the known-killer Warhawk, Luke Cage wakes up to find the villain offering his aid Warhawk views Luke as something of a brother since they both went through the Dr Burstein's process The two begin investigating the apparent death of Burstein and the experiments he[...]