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Watson & Holmes – After The Eisners
He is highly entertaining- he should consider standup.  Unfortunately I have not trained well for the party circuit (Note to self: get on a training regimen for next years Con) and went to the hotel at the early hour of something past 1 am). I got to be at the Eisner Awards with our Watson and Holmes team,[...]
Watson And Holmes Optioned For A Movie Ahead Of Eisner Awards
The Eisner-nominated Watson And Holmes comic book published by New Paradigm Studios has been optioned by Feather Films for a live action feature film. With stories from a variety of creators such as Karl Bollers, Rick Leonardi, Paul Mendoza, Larry Stroman, Brandon Easton and N Steven Harris, the comic is a black American reinvention of the Conan Doyle[...]
More Free ComiXology Comics – And A Hundred For Ten Bucks
And for that you get… Tomorrow Jones #1 Watson and Holmes #1 Astronaut Dad First Law of Mad Science #1 Too Much Coffee Man Favorites #1 Tiger Lawyer #1 Quandary #1 Relaunch #1 Evil Inc Monthly Vol 7 Nathan Sorry Vol 1 (of 5) Footprints Vol 1 Kung Fu Skratch! #1 Armarauders #1 The Antler Boy and Other Stories Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter: Digital Omnibus Scam #1 Anathema #1 The Mire Deadhorse Vol[...]
We Mentioned Watson And Holmes #1 Had Sold Out Of A Small Print Run, Right?
That's sold out at distributor level, which means shops may have copies of Watson And Holmes #1 – they just can't order any more. The New York Magazine just made buying a copy their ninth recommended thing to do this week Comics 9 Read Watson and Holmes Old English detective, fresh New York approach. Well, why not reimagine Sherlock[...]