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Final Trailer For We Can Be Heroes Drops, Hits Netflix Soon
We Can Be Heroes has had a great run at Netflix already, and because of that success, a sequel is in development at the streamer with director Robert Rodriguez The movie stars the Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal as the father of a superhero-powered child kidnapped by aliens She teams up with a bunch of other superhero[...]
Final Trailer For We Can Be Heroes Drops, Hits Netflix Soon
We Can Be Heroes dropped its final trailer this morning Robert Rodriguez directs the Netflix family action film, and kudos to Netflix for dropping it the same morning his episode of The Mandalorian hit Disney+ Like they planned it or something…. The movie stars the Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal as the father of a superhero-powered child[...]
Save Lives in Gotham and Africa At The Same Time With The New Humble Bundle
2: Project Origin, F.3.A.R., Scribblenauts Unlimited, Lord of the Rings: War in the North, and the Game Of The Year editions of both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. And proceeds will got to We Can Be Heroes, the program to help fight hunger in the Horn of Africa. So you get six cool games while helping save[...]
Tuesday Runaround – The Songs Of Dave McKean
It's all at Foyles Bookshop from 6.30pm tonight. CASE CLOSED A new way for storing and sending comic books through the mail, goes on Kickstarter. THE GREEN TEAM DC Comics has just passed the half a million mark for their Indiegogo fundraiser We Can Be Heroes this year. Batman: $152, 981 Superman: $132, 493 Justice League Indiegogo: $217, 932 Total: $503, 406 This doesn't[...]
Two Anonymous Comic Fans Paid $5000 To Appear In The Justice League Comic
And while they may be anonymous donors now, they won't be for long. DC Entertainment offered the opportunity to appear in an upcoming issue of Justice League as part of their We Can Be Heroes fundraising campaign for the humanitarian crisis in the Horn Of Africa, currently over $25,000 in its way to a $125,000 target. There[...]
DC Launches We Can Be Heroes – Justice League Edition
DC Comics has launched a new Indiegogo crowdfunding initiative for its continuing We Can Be Heroes campaign, raising money for the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa, their last of the year, themed around the Justice League. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSRGd5F_sds[/youtube] Not sure how Wonder Woman gets to be "equality" – isn't she from a society made up entirely[...]
DC Comics Restarts Their We Can Be Heroes Blank Variant Cover Program With Batman #0
The first of the charity-funding We Can Be Heroes variant cover campaigns was to have been Justice League #12 However, because the program was decided upon at the last minute, that issue wasn't solicited through the usual channels and orders may have been lower than expected. Which is presumably why DC Comics have cancelled the blank[...]
The Inspiration of Fictional Heroes by Siike Donnelly
From Cancer Research, Aneurysm Research, and the Hero Initiative (which I donated nearly $500 to at MegaCon in Orlando) to helping out at homeless soup kitchens during the holidays and donating $100 to We Can Be Heroes, I'm proud to say I've also inspired people, friends, and co-workers to donate as well. I feel that what[...]