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Weapon Plus: World War IV #1 [Preview]

Man-Slaughter Makes His Debut in Weapon Plus: World War IV #1 [Preview]

Weapon Plus: World War IV #1 hits stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, by Benjamin Percy and Georges Jeanty, continuing the revamping of the Weapon X mythology for the modern Marvel Universe, and we've got a preview below. The issue debuts a new version of Man-Thing, Man-Slaughter, a government agent that the solicit bills as […]

Absolute Carnage: Weapon Plus #1 [Preview]

Weapon H v. Weapon V: Dawn of Absolute Carnage in Weapon Plus #1 [Preview]

If there's two things Marvel is good at, it's milking the crap out of Wolverine's backstory by pumping out comics about the Weapon X program and publishing super-mega-crossover events, so it's no surprise that next week sees the release of Absolute Carnage: Weapon Plus, combining two of Marvel's greatest assets. We've got a preview of […]

The First Appearance of Man-Slaughter in Marvel's Weapon Plus: World War IV in January

Man-Thing Becomes Man-Slaughter for Marvel's Weapon Plus: World War IV in January

This January, Marvel will continue to expand upon the Weapon X mythos with a new Weapon Plus one-shot by Benjamin Percy and Georges Jeanty. Weapon Plus: World War IV #1 introduces a new hero Marvel claims is "ready to fight back against the new world order," apparently based on Man-Thing, but weaponized by the Weapon […]

Marvel Solicit Covers... temp

Absolute Carnage: Weapon Plus Special to Reveal More Weapon X Secrets

Last month, Marvel returned to the Weapon X mythos to make some pretty big changes to history in Wolverine and Captain America: Weapon Plus. This November, the Weapon Plus crossover will crossover with the Absolute Carnage super-mega-crossover event, as we learn about a highly classified mission from Nick Fury and the ancient symbiote Grendel's origins. […]

X-ual Healing

The Secrets of Weapon Plus Revealed (Again) [X-ual Healing 7-12-19]

All of this is getting relaunched soon, so one could potentially argue that none of it matters, but Marvel is still putting out X-Men comics each week and we're still recapping them. Read on, true believers… Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that Fox owned their movie rights, The […]

Weapon Plus #1: The A on His Head Doesn't Stand for France [Preview]

Weapon Plus #1: The A on His Head Doesn't Stand for France [Preview]

Next week, we learn the secrets of Weapon Plus and how the super soldier program that created Captain America relates to the Weapon X program that created Wolverine. And you know what that means: a good old fashioned team-up, as we see in this preview of Weapon Plus #1… And Captain America isn't very pleased […]

Marvel Comics Solicitations July 2019

Wolverine & Captain America Uncover a Marvel Conspiracy in Weapon Plus

You've read Hulkverines. Now, what about Capverines? Wolvermerica? We're still working that out, but Marvel is definitely releasing Weapon Plus, a one-shot by Ethan Sacks and Diogenes Neves in July starring Wolverine and Captain America, in which we are teased with a conspiracy connecting the two characters and more of the Marvel Universe's Super-Soldiers. But […]