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Wheres My Biopic Celebrating the Joy of Paintings Bob Ross

Where's My Biopic? Celebrating the Joy of Painting's Bob Ross

When it comes to one of the most renowned figures of the 20th Century, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) had no shortage of them with true blue-collar personalities. With the documentary and subsequent biopic of Fred Rogers starring Tom Hanks released, I think we're due to explore another PBS figure who brought pleasantness to the airwaves […]

Wheres My Biopic: Why Groucho Marx is Perfect for Sacha Baron Cohen

Where's My Biopic: Why Groucho Marx is Perfect for Sacha Baron Cohen

Arguably, the most renowned comedians to emerge into show business came from the ranks of vaudeville were the entertainers continuously poke and prod at the collective funny bones of their audiences, laughter literally became infectious. There are so many household names to emerge from the era like The Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy, Lucille Ball, […]

Wheres My Biopic Director Dorothy Arzner

Where's My Biopic? Director Dorothy Arzner

When it comes to pioneers of Hollywood, one of the biggest unsung heroes is Dorothy Arzner. She is the first female director in the Hollywood system also having a hand at editing and writing. Despite having only 20 films to her credit, Arzner launched the careers of some of the industry's most talented actors. Natural […]

Wheres My Biopic Actor Writer Activist Carrie Fisher

Where's My Biopic? Actor, Writer, Activist Carrie Fisher

With The Rise of Skywalker, it's hard to believe Carrie Fisher will be there for the last time. It's harder to believe she died three years ago in 2016. Some say she was the heart and soul of the Star Wars franchise. While most boys modeled themselves after Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, most girls […]

Wheres My Biopic Actress Anna May Wong

Where's My Biopic? Actress Anna May Wong

When it comes to pioneers of Hollywood, one of the most overlooked until recently was Anna May Wong. She earned the distinction of being the first Chinese American Hollywood film star. Making the best of the opportunities the business presented her, she took the roles and performed to critical acclaim. The Cultural Struggle for Acceptance […]