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PrintWatch: Miracleman, Punisher, Hulk, Venom, Black Bags, Last Ronin
Oh and it will also be adults only and ship in a partially black polybag. Here's what the naughty cover looks like, outside of the polybag. PrintWatch: Black Mask also have a second printing for White #6 Just the nice normal cover for this one. PrintWatch: While Marvel Comics has second printings for Timeless – with a New Punisher[...]
PrintWatch: Two more books hit the printing mill runs, White #3 and Echolands #1 Let's take a look and what will be coming down the pipe in October And it begins with a very Margaret Thatcher Thanksgiving… PrintWatch: White #3 And Echolands #1 PrintWatch: White #3 by Kwanza Osajyefo and Jamal Igle from Black Mask Comics has gone[...]
PrintWatch: White #1 Gets 40,000 Orders and Second Printing
PrintWatch: The first issue of the empowered Black superheroes comic book series White (sequel to 2016's Black and BlackAF) by creators Kwanza Osajyefo, Tim Smith 3, Jamal Igle, and Khary Randolph has had over 40,000 orders, selling out at the distributor level ahead of its 30th of June release date, with publisher Black Mask Studios[...]
Alice In Leatherland and White in Black Mask April 2021 Solicitations
Black Mask Comics have their April 2021 solicitations out, including Alice In Leatherland #1 from Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli, the new Black AF series, White by Kwanza Osajyefo and Jamal Igle and the return of Godkiller: Tomorrow's Ashes by Matteo Pizzolo and Anna Wieszczyk. ALICE IN LEATHERLAND #1 CVR A ROMBOLI (MR) BLACK MASK STUDIOSFEB211154 (W) Iolanda[...]
White, the Sequel to Black, Launches on Kickstarter
The sequel to critically-acclaimed comic Black is called White, and it's raising funds on Kickstarter starting today! Black, a comic set in a world where only Black people have superpowers and exploring the way America reacts to that (spoiler: negatively), originally launched on Kickstarter in 2016, went on to be a success at Black Mask[...]
White, the Sequel to Black Set 400 Years Later, Coming in Summer 2019
Set 400 years after Black comes White, about which we know very little aside from what's revealed in this teaser: Some mistakingly think that #blackAF is the followup to BLACK – it's not We've starting production on the sequel Here's a peek… pic.twitter.com/J6KuWUyex0 — BLACK (@BLACKthecomic) October 5, 2018 We also know that it's set to debut on[...]
Now Anyone Can Be The Black Panther (Aged 4-6)
Ahead of the new Captain America: Civil War movie, here's a look at some of the merchandise being created for kids alongside it. It must have been an interesting conversation in the design agency. "Black Panther is a black character, isn't it racist to have a white kid modelling it on the packaging?" "Isn't it more racist to imply[...]
Marvel Publish Captain America White, After Waiting Seven Years
We told you this was coming… Captain America: White, Marvel's latest book – in both senses of the word Only seven years late Makes Uncanny X-Men #600 look on time By Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale and with its first two issues out in September, as if to make up for the delay. It is an peculiarly[...]
Choosing The Colour Of Your Tombstone
When we ran panels from last week's Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, featuring the origin of new supervillain Beetle, as the daughter of Tombstone, a few
Six Changes For Superman #1
Perry Clark Is Well Buff, Innit The Perry White of before… And the Perry White of today. Perry White Action Hero!!! 5 Jimmy Olsen Is A Brunette And he's lost the freckles Gingerwashing? Looks more like Justin Bieber… 6 Lois Lane Thinks Print Is Dead And she's in charge of TV and digital now So basically… she is[...]
Legion Of Super Heroes Misprint Hits $30 On eBay
Earlier this week we pointed out that the DC Comics Presents: Legion Of Superheroes: Legion Of The Damned 100 Page Spectacular #1 (breathe in) reprinting previously unreprinted Legion comics had been recalled by DC Comics after chapters had been printed in the incorrect order. Or, rather, retailers were asked to destroy them, to be replaced by[...]