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Westworld: Creating Westworld's Reality - Behind the Scenes of Season 3 Episode 8 | HBO
Technology feels natural but still fantastic, so the suspension of disbelief isn't asking so much of you – they know you have to accept 3D printed human-like AI, so they want the rest of the world to feel accessible. William ponders his role in the bigger picture in Westworld, courtesy of HBO. Now, bear with me as[...]
On the other sidem, we have Vincent Cassel sending Maeve (Thandie Newton) on a very important mission: kill Dolores – by any means necessary. HBO So with the fate of more than one world at stake, whose will is strong enough to survive – and who else has a stake in this game? And is William aka The Man[...]
Now the press want answers, the FBI is starting to investigate and it causes even more problems between him and his son William (Jack Moore). Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved. The episode is called Tribute, written by Marc Guggenheim, Adam Schwartz and Beth Schwartz and executive producer Wendy[...]
The Daily Mail Gives Me Two Pages To Shill My Stuff
I do hope this gave Mark Millar a slight hiccup over his morning porridge, reading his favourite newspaper. Today, the Daily Mail splashed with a double page piece on my royal autobiographical comic based on the lives of Kate Middleton and Prince William, with Gary Erskine and Mike Collins from Markosia. And then they managed to remove[...]
Bild Rewrites William And Kate Comic
Now I know what Hollywood actors must feel like when they see a foreign dubbed film using a very strange voice to portray their role. In this case, it's a few scenes from the William and Kate comic books I've written for Markosia, drawn by Gary Erskine and Mike Collins, with Owen Jollands on colour[...]
Kate And William: A Very Public Love Story by Gary Erskine, Mike Collins And… Me
A biographical comic book telling the lives of Prince William and Kate Middleton before their upcoming wedding. And it's being drawn by two artists whose autographs I got twenty years ago when I was teenager Mike Collins, curent Doctor Who comic artist and Gary Erskine So that's a Welsh artist, a Scottish and an English writer[...]