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Final Prelude To Transformers: Combiner Wars Focuses On Windblade
Here we have the final episode of Prelude To Transformers: Combiner Wars, this time focusing on Windblade. Windblade, once an official 'City Speaker' to the gigantic 'Titans' is tired of the bureaucratic non-action of the Council, who seem to sit idly while her people and her cities on Caminus perish She decides that the only way[...]
No Little 'Bots? James Roberts Retcons 'Estriol' In Female Transformers(UPDATE)
The Windblade miniseries established Windblade, Nautica and Chromia as part of a generation of Transformers that grew to identify as female. Transformers have never canonically reproduced sexually (though it only takes a cursory Google search to find plenty of fan-penned accounts, all roaring pistons and spinning sprockets) (I don't have to tell you that, do I?) Windblade[...]
47 Thoughts About 47 Comics – Forever Evil, Original Sin, Batman Eternal, Saga, Harley Quinn, Magnus, The Shadow x2, Uncanny X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, Velvet, Prophet, Solar, Doop, Rogue Trooper, Red Hood, Star Mage, Batman And Frankenstein, Wonder Woman, Batman/Superman, Justice League Of America, Hulk, Windblade, Star Slammers, Indestructible, THUNDER Agents, Invincible, East Of West, Mind The Gap,  Zero, TMNT,  V Wars, 7th Sword, Dexter's Lab, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Monster & Madman, Artifacts, Battlestar Galactica, Pathfinder, Flash Gordon, Rocket Girl, Six Million Dollar Man, Green Hornet, The Bunker and Amy Devlin
Windblade #2, there, if you want to find out more. Star Slammers #3 also has a broken narrative In space, no one can hear you narrate the battle field around you. "Giggety" Still Indestructible #6 does pose a dilemma… And T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents #8 answers it In the words of Xander Armstrong, "kill them." And Invincible #111 shows you exactly[...]
Post-Dark Cybertron Speculation
Parts ≈ 10k shanix, Labor ≈ 5k, with some free drinks at Swerve's thrown in. Grandstanding Monologues: Can Megatron's evil monologues outdo the heroically tiresome speeches from Rodimus Prime? 50 shanix on Megatron—sorry, Rodimus, but evil is more eloquent. The most controversial of the new series will no doubt be Windblade, which brings that tricky subject of[...]
Robot Gender Wars For Transformers (UPDATE)
Whether from existential ennui, or from the forced application of genitals without anesthetic, Furman's Arcee became a heartless murderer. New TF writer Mairghread Scott takes some issue with the story, and seeks to rectify with her upcoming take on Windblade, a female TF Windblade will originate in a one-shot IDW title in Spring 2014, and get[...]