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Did You Meet Puppet Drew At WonderCon?
WonderCon 2016 is coming to an end, but have you met Puppet Drew yet? Puppet clone to fantastic artist Drew Rausch, Puppet Drew made his first appearance yesterday. Puppet Drew's first convention Table sitting at @essrose booth for FUN! #WonderCon2016 pic.twitter.com/AccddZaWWS — Drew Rausch (@Drew_Rausch) March 26, 2016 I think this is such a great idea, and I applaud[...]
WonderCon 2016 Will Move To Los Angeles Convention Center
During the follow up "Talk Back" discussion after WonderCon Sunday afternoon in Anaheim, California, the SDCC Blog is reporting that the announcement was made that WonderCon 2016 will be moving to Los Angeles Convention Center This is rumored not to be due to any particular dissatisfaction with the location, but because of renovation work on[...]