A Friendly Face and a Helping Hand from Neal Adams at Wondercon

Wondercon is now two days behind me and I have a number of articles to write, along with getting back to my real job and spending time with my family. But I want to share this because it was unexpected, and it involves someone who sometimes has a lot negative crap talked about him. It was Sunday afternoon, and I was wiped out. I had a headache all day from not enough sleep the night before and not eating enough during the day. I am taking one last walk past some of the bigger booths just to see if anyone is around to talk to, but I am not happy and it was showing on my face.

All of sudden I hear, "Hey!" I look over to see if someone is talking to me and it turns out someone was, and that person was Neal Adams. Now I have heard people say some not so nice things about Neal Adams over the years, essentially about him not being so nice, and as I have never interacted with him myself I trusted that what those people said to me was the truth. But regardless of that, Neal Adams is a legend in this business, who is still regularly putting out product to this day. So when Neal Adams says "Hey!" to me well damn right I am going to stop and listen to what he has to say.

Neal wanted to know why I looked so angry. This was a comic book convention, and the end of the last day, no one should be angry. I told him that I had a headache all day and that I hadn't eaten anything since morning. He told me no one should have to suffer and said to come on over as he had something to help. He then offered me a couple Advil and a soda. I thanked him and asked him how his con was. He said it was good, and that he was just trying to put happiness out there and share it with people. I thanked him again, shook his hand, and wished him well.

So next time anyone says something negative about Neal Adams, I will happily stand up to defend the man, who is not only a legend in this industry, but a true gentleman for reaching out to someone who looked like they needed a reason to smile.

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