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Free Fire Launches New Football Fable Campaign
The shorthand to this is that this is the game's way of cashing in on the hype surrounding the World Cup this year, with a number of activities happening today and running all the way until December 18th There will be new football-themed game modes and exclusive in-game items, and during the weekend of December[...]
WWE SmackDown Tonight Will Test How Ucey Sami Zayn Is Versus Butch
While, as Americans, we usually don't give much of a damn about the game of soccer, the World Cup tends to have us feign interest at least until our national team is bounced, then it's back to the four major sports for us  But apparently, WWE is all-in on trying to hop on the World[...]
good omens
Earlier this month, Sheen appeared on the British game show A League of Their Own, where he was asked what he would say to inspire the Wales men's national soccer team ahead of their run in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar What followed was nothing short of epic, made more so by the fact that[...]
Deadpool Co-Creator Writes a World Cup Comic for Marvel and ESPN
In the latest brilliant brainchild from the House of Ideas, Marvel is hoping to explain soccer to Americans with the only thing less popular in America than soccer: comic books. Teaming up with sister-company ESPN, Marvel has produced a digital comic explaining the 2018 World Cup (that's a soccer event) in 13 chapters, though each chapter consists[...]
TV Heathers Red Band Trailer Offers First Look at Shannen Doherty Starz Petitions FCC for a Big Apple Return to Optimum History Sets Global Soccer Programming Extravaganza in Run-Up to World Cup (EXCLUSIVE) "The History channel is capitalizing on the global appeal of soccer with 'History of Football,' two weeks of worldwide and localized programming celebrating the beautiful game[...]
Image Watch – Jonathan Hickman On East of West: Year One And The World Cup
 We had a brief but fun chat about the history and future of East of West, working with Dragotta, what he's been reading, and -most importantly- the World Cup. David Dissanayake: So, firstly and most importantly, who is going to win the World Cup? Jonathan Hickman: Me, I think Argentina is going to win[...]
How Peter Serafinowicz Made Me Fall In Love With The Beautiful Game
Because, yes, there's a World Cup going on And Peter Serafinowicz, along with his fellow voiceover artist Lewis Macleod (who is also pretty brilliant) are improvising football commentary and broadcasting it along with the match So you can turn off the BBC commentator and stream in Peter instead Oh and getting guest commentator, his familiar character Brian[...]
Rik Mayall's 'Noble England' Racing Up The UK Charts
It was recorded in 2010 to coincide with the World Cup in South Africa It failed to chart. But now, with the passing of Rik Mayall, and the beginning of the World Cup in Brazil, Noble England, a strange mix of football terrace chanting and Rik Mayall twisting famous English jingoistic lines into football relevance is[...]
Rafael Grampa Heads Up Nike Advertising Campaign In Brazil
It's one of a number of vignettes that show the Brazilian football team in a match, that cuts away to show different sorts of football games, with children, with cartoon giants, with black and white mobsters, featuring Brazilian players in different roles and forms, that then seem to replace them in the real football match. And[...]