Toy Fair New York: Playmobil Shines with Ghostbusters, Dragons, World Cup, and Monsters!

Playmobil has been around for a long time. But I will be honest: until a couple years ago, they were not… let's say, important to me as a collector. Boy, has that changed in a big way. Between Ghostbusters, Dragons, and their fun sports offerings, I just can't get enough. When we checked out their booth at Toy Fair New York this week, we got excited all over again. Not only are they giving us more of those properties, but there are two more coming that I can't wait to get my hands on.

The first in March is a truly cool set. With the World Cup coming this year, people are for sure going to want the Playmobil World Cup pitch with players sets. Each player is sporting a kit representing a country that will be participating in the event. Just like the NHL sets, the figures feature leg-kicking action with the flick of a finger. This thing is a blast to play around with, and fans old and new are going to want to grab this.

The other new reveal was their new lineup of Monsters. All of our favorites are represented. There will be two-packs, single-packs with a buildable piece like Dracula with his coffin, and then the big playset lab/inn that I need in my life ASAP. All of the figures are awesome to start our little monster kids on. The lab has so many neat nods to the characters lore; it's that kind of attention to detail that always sets Playmobil apart to me.

Spirit Riding Free is also coming to Playmobil, with three horse stables and a house playset. That show is more popular than people realize, so they should have a hit on their hands with those.

The main event for most collectors though would be their Ghostbusters line. They have done an excellent job handling the property, even giving us one of the best Ecto-1 vehicles ever, and that trend looks to continue this year. Right now you can pick up all four Busters in their Ghostbusters 2 uniforms and the app enabled figures will captures ghosts! I reviewed the Winston one and had a blast with it. The real main event is this April, however, as they release The Real Ghostbusters versions of the big four, all complete with a villain and vehicle in the package. These look exceptional, and the monsters looks great with really unique sculpts.

There's also their new line of Dinosaurs sets and more NHL also coming throughout the year! Check them out below.

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