Deadpool Co-Creator Writes a World Cup Comic for Marvel and ESPN

In the latest brilliant brainchild from the House of Ideas, Marvel is hoping to explain soccer to Americans with the only thing less popular in America than soccer: comic books.

Teaming up with sister-company ESPN, Marvel has produced a digital comic explaining the 2018 World Cup (that's a soccer event) in 13 chapters, though each chapter consists of just a few panels. The comic is written by Fabian Nicieza, the co-creator of Deadpool and winner of the Liefeld Lottery, according to other Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld, who once said that he could have co-created Deadpool with a janitor. But Liefeld's remarks aside, Nicieza is a veteran comic book writer who will surely appeal to the intersection of American comics and soccer fans. Dozens of them!

The credits on the ESPN website simply say "Illustrations by Marvel," but clicking through shows the following additional credits:

Diego Bernard: Penciler
J.P. Mayer: Inker
Andrew Crossley: Colorist
VC's Joe Sabino: Letterer

Katherine Brown: Project Manager
Darren Sanchez: Editor/Project Manager

All kidding aside, it's nice to see Disney putting Marvel to use in cross-promotions like this. You can read the comic now on

Deadpool Co-Creator Writes a World Cup Comic for Marvel and ESPN

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