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holiday game sales
There's a smaller sale that includes the big titles like PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds, The Division, and Grand Theft Auto Online. GOG's sale is mostly focusing on Telltale games today, but also has Battlechasers: Night War, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Absolver, and even the complete Icewind Dale III. In terms of publisher sales, Square Enix and Blizzard have some decent deals going on. Blizzard's winter sale nets[...]
World Of Warcraft: Legion Level Cap Hit In Under 6 Hours
World Of Warcraft: Legion is just barely out with the sixth expansion pack for the game barely 24 hours old. That hasn't stopped Twitch streamer Fragnance from hitting the 110 level cap in no time During a stream and leveling a Demon Hunter class (which starts at level 98), the player quite unbelievably hit the level cap in[...]
World Of Warcraft – Legion To Let Rogues Embrace Their Outlaw Side
No worrying about keeping agro or quick heals… you find opponent, stab, repeat until dead. So what will World of Warcraft: Legion have in store for the three specs of this deadly class? Like the Hunters, the line between the specs has been blurred The developers decided to make some bold moves (their own words) and more[...]
World of Warcraft – Legion Re-Emphasizes Shapeshifting For Druids
As our tour of the proposed changes to character classes that will come with World of Warcraft: Legion comes near an end, we turn to the class I've personally played the least – Druids I've started one up a few different times, gotten to where they could shift into different forms and then just went[...]
World Of Warcraft: Legion Gets Impressive Trailer And Release Window
They really are marvels of action CGI and I always look forward to watching them, even though I only dabble in Blizzard's games at this point. World of Warcraft: Legion is no exception This trailer comes from Blizzcon conference and it's pretty cool looking Seeing Sylvanas and Varian Wrynn in action alongside one another in airships is[...]
World Of Warcraft: Legion Might Be Coming Next September
World of Warcraft: Legion, the upcoming expansion, was only recently announced at Gamescom, but it seems we might be less than a year out from the expansion. According to the small print of this now inaccessible picture on, which was caught by Reddit (via VG247), the game is coming September 21st, 2016 (Or before)[...]