World Of Warcraft 2 Isn't Being Considered, But The Expansion After Legion Already Is

world-of-warcraft---legion---illidan---keyart-1438885280274_632x300The talk of a World of Warcraft 2 has long creeped around on the internet. The mainframe of the original game is already over a decade old, so there might be benefit in completely revamping everything by releasing an entirely new game to get ready for the next years of MMO dominance.

Well, according to executive producer J. Allen Brack who spoke to IGN at Gamescom, a sequel to the MMO isn't being considered right now. He cites past failings of other MMOs as the reason why Blizzard don't want to do it, but did admit, even though the next expansion Legion was only announced last week, the expansion after that is already being considered.

You know, there's not really a great model for a successful sequel MMO. Virtually all of them have been very significant failures and I think we're very conscious of that – not just small failures, either.

We're not actively working on anything on the MMO front that is not World of Warcraft. We were completely dedicated to the Warlords of Draenor expansion and now the Legion expansion. We're even thinking about the expansion after that – we're already talking about what comes next.

I for one would actually be totally up for a World of Warcraft 2. Seeing Azeroth in an updated world engine ready for the next 10 years would be quite something. Alas, it would seem not. Seeing how long this 10 year old game can keep going should be equally interesting though.

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