X-Men '92

X-Men '92 Bishop and Storm Kotobukiya Statue

X-Men '92 Bishop and Storm Kotobukiya Statue Up for Order

The X-Men '92 statue line from Kotobukiya is getting yet another release Storm and Bishop are the latest, following announcements for Professor X, Wolverine, Jubilee, Beast, and Cyclops Bishop will be posed with his futuristic blaster rifle, while Storm comes perched on a translucent base to mimic her flying These are 1/10 scale like the[...]

Kotobukiya X Men 92 Professor X Statue 5

Professor X and His Chair Coming to Your Kotobukiya Collection

Professor X is the latest X-Men 92 statue from Kotobukiya. Following Wolverine, Jubilee, Cyclops, and Beast, Charles and his famous hover chair are coming home. This ARTFX+ statue is 1/10 scale and made of PVC. It features Professor X as he appeared in the classic cartoon series like the rest of the other statues. Like […]

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – Annuals, Overture And League See DC Take Top Spots

X-Men '92 #4 6 New Suicide Squad Annual #1 7 Superman #44 8 Grayson Annual #1 9 Archie #3 10 Green Lantern Annual #4Thanks to the following retailersRodman Comics of Ankeny, Iowa Jetpack Comics of Rochester, New York G-Mart Comic Books of Champaign, Illinois Yesteryear Comics of San Diego, California Dr No’s Comics & Games Superstore of Marietta, Georgia Fat Jack’s Comicrypt of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Graham Crackers Comics – 10 locations in the[...]

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Secrets Of The Battleworld – It Isn't Easy Being Cyclops

Such as in the final issue of X-Men '92 until the post-Secret Wars series.Lots of final issues - originally Secret Wars was meant to end next week, rather than have it's sixth issue, with three more left to come out Sometimes it feels like all the comics out there are Secret Wars...Hail Hydra (not the[...]

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 20th June 2015 – Walking Dead Beats Other Revived Comics

X-Men '92 #1 3 Infinity Gauntlet #2 4 Planet Hulk #2 5 Fight Club 2 #2 6 Age Of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies #1 7 We Are Robin #1 8 Superman #41 9 Uncanny Avengers #5 10 Flash #41Thanks to the following retailers,Dr No’s Comics & Games Superstore of Marietta, Georgia Jetpack Comics of Rochester, New York Comickaze Comics Books and More, California Yesteryear Comics of San Diego, California Jesse James[...]

A Comic Show – We Are Fight Club 2!

X-Men '92 is the cartoon era whimsy E is For Extinction is that Morrison era New X-men craziness that I loved Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies #1 is just as advertised: robots fighting the undead (and Hank Pym).DC You shined again this week with We Are Robin and Green Lantern Lost Army as very[...]

In One Week, In Two Weeks – We're All Doomed

On Wednesday, the launch of Plants Vs Zombies, Black Canary, Doomed, Harley Quinn & Power Girl, Dr Fate, Justice League Of America, Prez, Martian Manhunter, Robin Son Of Batman, TMNT Casey & April, Astronauts In Trouble, Empty Zone, Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill, Runaways, Squadron Sinister, Thors, Princeless: Be Yourself, Fathom Blue, Fiction and […]

Secret Wars: X-Men '92 Lies To You (SPOILERS)

X-Men '92, the Secret Wars spinoff published first as a decampi comic by Marvel Infinite, before moving to print next month, lies to you.The title does it X-Men '92 The year that Jim Lee and Chris Claremont's X-Men hit, as well as Liefeld on X-Force, Portacio on Uncanny X-Men, Silvestri on Wolverine and Davis on[...]

'It's About Ethics In Comic Book Publishing'

She used to head up the MTV Comics site and currently writes a number of small press titles, and edits others.She has stated that she was harassed repeatedly online by prominent blogger Chris Sims and friends, something Sims has admitted to and apologised for.The website he writes for most prominently, Comics Alliance, stated that these[...]