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Free On Bleeding Cool – Smosh #1
Dynamite has sent us a digital copy of Smosh #1 by Michael McDermott, Yale Stewart and Franco Viglino to share with our readers All four issues of the series are part of the latest Groupees digital bundle. SMOSH, the Kings of YouTube Comedy, now bring their wildly popular brand of humor to comics! Behold, the Super Virgin Squad! Gathered together in[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 25th August, 2014 – Manara, Miller And Marvel
And Why It Is Different. A Marvel Cinematic Character Confirms Return For Avengers 2 Yale Stewart – The Anthony Weiner Of Comics 13 DC Trade Paperbacks You Need To Buy Now Before They Go Out Of Print Grant Morrison's Multiversity #1 Gives Us The Fantastic Four That Marvel Won't – And The Savage Dragon! Teen Titans #2 Big Final Page[...]
DC Comics Seeks To Prevent Yale Stewart's Money-Making JL8 Wallpapers?
Okay, this is when the story goes to a new level. We have covered Yale Stewart's confessions and apologies regarding sending intimate photos of himself to women who were not exactly appreciative of them. One aspect that has been mentioned is asking how Yale Stewart was able to create his Little League and JL8 webcomics, in prime[...]
Yale Stewart – No, It's Not Over
So, yesterday, we published an article about comic creator and children's book author Yale Stewart, after he made an apologetic statement regarding intimate photos he sent of himself to certain women in or related to the comic industry. Naturally there was considerable comment and discussion Including Valerie D'Orazio's collection of comments. posted for reaction, headlined "silence is[...]
Yale Stewart – The Anthony Weiner Of Comics
Yesterday, cartoonist Yale Stewart posted on Facebook, My mom just informed me that people are calling HER HOME, LOOKING FOR ME, AND LEAVING THREATENING MESSAGES ON HER ANSWERING MACHINE. Pros, I NEED SOME OF YOU to get my back on this. This just crossed a VERY real line. EDIT: This has NOTHING TO DO with people being upset that I'm[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Ulises Farinas Vs. Yale Stewart Over Charity Wallpapers(UPDATE)
Yale Stewart is the creator of the JL8 and Little League webcomics, featuring unofficial uses of the DC Comics characters as young children. It was so successful, Stewart got a Harvey Award nomination and was picked up by official licensors Capstone to write and draw The Amazing Adventures of Superman children's books featuring adult versions of the characters,[...]
Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics
They say: "JHU Comic Books is proud to welcome Josh Blaylock (GI Joe, Mercy Sparx, Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl) to our Manhattan location!  As a talented writer and head of Devil's Due Entertainment, Josh is bringing everything with him under the sun to sign! Come through and meet him at this special signing[...]
The Legitimately Licensed Amazing Adventures Of Superman by Yale Stewart
A couple of months ago, Gifted, Little League and JL8's Yale Stewart posted on Instagram. "Barring any editorial changes, I just finished production on my first children's book." And… this could be it The Amazing Adventures of Superman by Yale Stewart, from Capstone Publishers The parody has gone legit… That's this Yale Stewart, folks. [...]