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Cyberpunk Fighting Game Metal Revolution Will Release This Year
Gtarcade and YOOZOO Games have announced they will release the cyberpunk fighting game Metal Revolution sometime in 2021 This is a bit of a unique title in that it will be cross-platform, meaning that both iOS and Android players will be able to fight each other in live 1-v-1 competition The game just finished a[...]
Auto Draft
The mystery behind the sudden death of YooZoo Games founder and chairman Lin Qi is slowly turning into a possible murder The Chinese gaming tycoon was found dead on Christmas Day, which came as a shock to the company who released a statement sending out their deepest condolences about his passing However, earlier this morning[...]
Dynasty Scrolls Is Now Available On Both iOS & Android
YooZoo Games have finally released their new mobile card game Dynasty Scrolls is available for both iOS and Android The game has this weird story that feels like a ripoff of Tron where you play a game that helps change destiny during the Three Kingdoms era of China The game has already secured over 200[...]