Game Of Thrones: Winter Is Coming Adds King Invasion Mode

YooZoo Games has released a brand new update into the mobile game Game Of Thrones: Winter Is Coming that brings an invasion. The real-time MMO strategy browser game will be diving head-first into the White Walkers insanity as they welcome the arrival of the Night King in an all-new Invasion event. The event kicked off this week as the leader of the White Walkers charged forward into the lands with his army as they head towards Winterfell, leaving it up to you to quickly unite to defend the realms of men against this formidable legion of the undead. The event will last for only a few weeks, but it will be your only shot at getting some awesome items and rewards in the game for successfully defending everything from what heads your way. We have more info on it from the devs here as we wish you luck in saving the kingdoms.

Game Of Thrones: Winter Is Coming Adds King Invasion Mode
Credit: YooZoo Games

During this new Invasion event in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming, five 500-man White Walker alliances – including the Night King, his Generals and White Walkers troops – will attack. Their Power will also be counted in the Rankings, where players can compete with them. To successfully defend against the enemy invasion, players must actively attack the White Walkers' territory and defeat the Night King to emerge victorious!

As one of the most iconic antagonists from the Emmy award-winning series, the Night King Commander will have a new skill called Scorching Treachery and can cause the enemy's dragon to attack the enemy's most powerful lineup once, dealing massive damage. To acquire this character, players can participate in the White Walkers mode to earn powerful Night King Commander Fragments for free. There will also be a new White Walker-themed Castle Exterior and Troop Appearance, so come take part in the White Walker Invasion event!

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