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Cyan Ventures Shows Off Their Narrative Adventure ZED at PAX East 2019
While we were going through the booths at PAX East on Day Three, we came across Cyan Ventures who brought with them a new game called ZED If Cyan Ventures sounds familiar, they've had a hand in some of the most recent Myst games, including bringing the original to iOS Much in the same vein,[...]
Getting Past The 9 To 5 Grind With Kickstarter
I sold my first issue of Alter-Life and promoted my new, buddy-roadtrip-zombie-superhero comic, ZED that is currently on Kickstarter until September 1st. Music has been a vital part of keeping me going all these years Here are a few lyrics from the great Sam Cooke I send them out to all of you writers, artists,[...]
Soul Selling Ain't What It Used To Be – Recapping Constantine: The Devil's Vinyl
By Rich Epstein This week Constantine goes back to the city.  Chicago, Illinois to be precise.  The show opens with an unknown woman (Joelle Carter from Justified) venturing into an abandoned building to retrieve a book hidden inside the walls.  She opens the book, and finds…a record.  She asks a friend, Bernie (Dikran Tulaine), to test[...]