1984: Recent Take on Orwell's Dystopian Novel Headed For Television

The iconic dystopian world of the George Orwell novel, 1984, has had many adaptations, including in NYC Broadway world, but now it is heading for TV. The stage saw shocking and mesmerizing work done with the iconic novel when it premiered back in 2013. A big name from television, Olivia Wilde, talked about her introduction to the Broadway scene back in 2017 when she became a part of the cast.

The Dystopian World of Orwell's '1984' Is Headed For A TV Adaptation
Still image from a trailer for the Playhouse production of 1984. Source: YouTube

Wiip, an independent studio headed by a former ABC executive, Paul Lee, has gathered the rights to the Broadway adaptation in order to bring it to the small screen. The play originated back in 2013 at the Nottingham Playhouse before heading to the West End of NYC where it would have Wilde in the cast alongside her co-star, Tom Sturridge.

The TV series aims to be a limited one done in five parts. The audience of this modern adaptation will witness the respected 100-minute long play divided into those five sections to fit the flow of the story for a limited series. The play was known for the unique and striking depictions of Orwell's themes of mass surveillance and oppression. One portion of the play, the torture scene, was even known to make some audience members feel ill or need to leave temporarily from their seats. The story reflects like a mirror for many audiences who had the opportunity to witness the play for themselves. Now, the opportunity will head to screens for many viewers to witness 1984 adapted for television. There have been screen adaptations, such as one featuring the acting talents of John Hurt, but this one coming up is a new venture all on its' own. We'll have to wait on which destination is in store for the adaptation, as Wiip has projects ranging from Dickinson on Apple TV+ and a recent series on FX called Pistols. Let us know in the comments below if you're interested in seeing this iconic story on TV!

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