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Animal Castle #1 Sells Out, ABLAZE plans 2nd Printing
The European series by writer Xavier Dorison and artist Felix Delep is a political satire that riffs on George Orwell's Animal Farm about an animal rebellion that sets up a new system of governance only for tensions between different animal factions to result in more conflict The 2nd printing of Animal Castle #1 will be[...]
Orwell: SelfMadeHero Publishes Graphic Biography of 1984 Writer
George Orwell was an interesting chap who led an interesting life before he wrote interesting books that became massively influential in culture and politics Now SelfMadeHero are publishing the English edition of a European graphic novel biography of the man written by veteran comics writer Pierre Christin, writer of the classic Valerian and Laureline series,[...]
The Dystopian World of Orwell's '1984' Is Headed For A TV Adaptation
The iconic dystopian world of the George Orwell novel, 1984, has had many adaptations, including in NYC Broadway world, but now it is heading for TV The stage saw shocking and mesmerizing work done with the iconic novel when it premiered back in 2013 A big name from television, Olivia Wilde, talked about her introduction to[...]
Expect A Tonne Of 1984 and Animal Farm Comics For 2021
George Orwell died on the 21st of January 1950 This means on the 1st of January 2021, his written work goes into the USA's public domain, which means that the big studios will mass to create movies, TV shows, comic books, games, and action figure lines for The Road to Wigan Pier Okay, maybe not[...]
George Orwell’s Animal Farm Is Getting A Video Game
One of George Orwell's best-known novels, Animal Farm, will be turned into a video game to be released sometime this Fall Simply called Orwell's Animal Farm, the game is being developed by Nerial and published by The Dairymen The game itself will be more of an adventure title as you choose which animals to follow[...]
'AHS 1984': Patty Jenkins "Calls Out" Ryan Murphy Over Title; George Orwell Urges Unity
Uh… Love, #WW1984 — Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) April 12, 2019 Murphy's reponse acknowledged their shared use of "1984" – before giving recognition to the one person who could truly call out both creative geniuses for their "artistic license." Unfortunately, George Orwell is more of an Instagram guy so we're not sure he's aware of the debate –[...]