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Squid Game: Netflix Series Director Talks About Potential Season 2
Hwang also had a chance to talk about whether or not he was willing to go into making a second season of Squid Games. Source: Netflix  Squid Game partakes in a dystopian examination of class and economic privileges that decide how far people will go to remove themselves from such circumstances as the ones experienced by the main[...]
The Dystopian World of Orwell's '1984' Is Headed For A TV Adaptation
The iconic dystopian world of the George Orwell novel, 1984, has had many adaptations, including in NYC Broadway world, but now it is heading for TV The stage saw shocking and mesmerizing work done with the iconic novel when it premiered back in 2013 A big name from television, Olivia Wilde, talked about her introduction to[...]
Batman's Tom King Bringing Dystopian Drama 'States of America' to Television
Topic Studios and Playground are set to develop the former CIA officer-turned-bestselling-author-and-comic-book-writer's dystopian drama States of America into an hour-long television series. King's States of America is set in a deeply divided U.S.A that's forced to suffer foreign occupation for the sake of a tentative peace after an unprovoked act of war Combining the thrill and[...]
'Amour' Director Michael Haneke Developing Futuristic Drama Series
For his part, Haneke felt the time was right to find another avenue for his storytelling; and the series television format felt like the perfect one: "After ten TV movies and 12 films, I wanted to tell a longer story for once." Set in a dystopian world,  Kelvin's Book tells the adventurous story of a group of[...]