Adventure Time: Distant Lands "Wizard City" Lacking in Magic: Review

The fourth and last installment of Adventure Time: Distant Lands premiered last week on HBO Max. While enjoyable, it was the weakest thus far and left me wondering why they decided to close the run with this episode. The story was very stock-type; however, the setting, the secondary characters, and the world-building are what made it work on some levels for me. It started off a bit slow and but picking up toward the second half. That said, it was the one storyline where there are some grim-ass consequences and I have to say I was surprised at the body count.

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The story follows Peppermint Butler who goes into Wizard City hoping to become a great wizard at Wizard School. Well, things do not quite go as planned as he tries to both fulfill and escape his dark past. At first, the pace moves a bit slow while we are introduced to the characters and the story set up. I enjoyed the school moments a lot, the selection and classes reminded me so much of Harry Potter with a twisted turn. I loved that one of the students spent the whole time as a rock! The classes and the instructors really made me wish we would have gotten more of that. The instructors turned out to be as shady as I imagined and I honestly wanted to see more of the toad dude.

That said, I also wish we would have gotten more of Cadebra– her story and development as a character was even more interesting to me than Pep's was. Do not get me wrong, I liked Pep and I think it was kind of a fucked up story and situation to be in. It just seemed at times like his character lacked umph. I am not even sure how to explain it. Unfortunately, I feel it got swallowed by a pretty interesting extended cast.

While it weakest of the four episodes, it was still an enjoyable ride. I wish they would have ended with the JAke and Finn episode though- I think it would have been a bigger impact and it had more of a sense of finality to it. I am so happy Adventure Time: Distant Lands gave chance to explore more the Adventure Time universe we love so much along with the bright and beautiful animation as it has always been. Though, I must add: I know there will be more Adventure Time following Cake and Fionna this time and I am ecstatic.

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