AEW Debuts New TBS Championship for Women's Division on Dynamite

AEW debuted the new TBS Championship on last night's AEW Dynamite Anniversary show, celebrating the company's pending move to TBS in January and introducing its first secondary women's championship. Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards unveiled the new belt in a segment on Dynamite, though the first titleholder will not be decided until January, after AEW makes the move to TBS, in a TBS Championship Tournament.

AEW Debuts New TBS Championship for Women's Division on Dynamite

You can watch how the segment unfolded here:

It didn't take long for AEW's female roster to react to the announcement, both on Dynamite…

…and on Twitter.

Personally, The Chadster feels that it's totally unfair for AEW to have two women's titles and to already be booking storylines for one of them months in advance. If Tony Khan understood anything about the wrestling business, or about women, Tony Khan would understand that you can only really book things, at most, two weeks ahead of time. What if you come into work one morning and decide to tear up the script for the show and start over? But Tony Khan has no respect for WWE and everything Mr. McMahon has done for the business and he has made his personal mission to ruin The Chadster's life by consistently producing crowd-pleasing, excitement-building pro wrestling shows, which isn't what the business is supposed to be about at all.

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