Alex Kurtzman Talks Star Trek Universe Crossovers; Section 31 Update

With Discovery, Picard, Strange New Worlds, Prodigy & Lower Decks (with Section 31 still in active development and other projects in the rumor mill), it would be an understatement to say that the "Star Trek" streaming universe is a bit busy right now. With that much in play, the obvious question needs to be asked. When are we going to start seeing some crossovers? That was the question posed to "Star Trek" streaming universe bigwig Alex Kurtzman when he joined Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green for Deadline Hollywood's Hero Nation podcast. And just to be clear? Kurtzman has already been thinking about crossovers- especially how to do them the right way that benefits the shows and the viewers.

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"It's really funny that you asked that question because I was just thinking about it [crossovers] this morning," Kurtzman responded during the interview. "Here's the thing about crossovers; I think crossovers are can be really, really exciting. But they have to exist for a reason. There has to be a great story reason to do it. And it has to move both shows forward in a way. And it does feel both of you are right, that inevitably it's coming somewhere somehow. But I think we want to be as intentional about doing something like that as we've been about our selection of shows and the way in which we've curated each show to have its own distinct identity." Kurtzman continued, "Because the flip side to doing a crossover wrong is that people are really disappointed and it impacts both shows. So it's just not a gamble that I would want to take randomly. that being said, it's certainly exciting to think about certain pairings that you're like 'Wow, what would it be like if those two characters were together or those two crews were together?' But I want to be careful about it. So I guess the most direct answer I can give you is it's on my mind but I haven't thought about a specific yet."

Along with the previously-teased "Starfleet Academy" series project, fans have been eagerly awaiting word on the Michelle Yeoh-starring spinoff series Section 31. After confirming the project was still in development, Kurtzman added, "We're in a very exciting place. I can't tell you anything yet. But it's still very much alive." Now here's a look at the full podcast episode, which also includes some amazing insights from Martin-Greene about Burnham's four-season journey:

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