American Horror Stories E03 "Drive In" Previews A Movie to Die For

So what happens when you take a forbidden film and screen it for lots of people to see? Well, you're about to find out in this week's Eduardo Sánchez-directed and Manny Coto-written third chapter of Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and FX on Hulu's AHS spinoff American Horror Stories (check out our review of the two-episode season opener here). With the new episode set to 'scream" on Hulu this Thursday, viewers learned earlier this week that this round stars Rhenzy Feliz as Chad, Madison Bailey as Kelley, John Carroll Lynch as Larry Bitterman (sweet!), Leonardo Cecchi as Milo, Kyle Red Silverstein as Quinn, Ben J. Pierce as Dee, Amy Grabow as Tipper Gore (???), Adrienne Barbeau as Verna (!!!), Brandon Papo as Tillis, and Naomi Grossman as Rabid Ruth. And now? How about a small taste of what's in store when you pull up to the "Drive-In"?

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So to find out why Rabbit Rabbit is a screening you should avoid at all costs, check out the teaser below:

Shortly after S01E01 "Rubber (Wo)man" and So1E02 "Rubber (Wo)man: Part 2" aired, Sierra McCormick spoke with EW about joining the AHS universe. Here's a look at two highlights from the interview:

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McCormick's Approach & Take on Scarlett: "When I first read the script and started thinking about her as a character, I tried to think beyond the confines of Murder House and this universe to focus more on Scarlett's grounded qualities and what she's going through and the very real, very relatable things that she was experiencing in her life. That crossroad that she has reached in adolescence where she's not quite sure where she fits into the world and she's trying to figure it out. She maybe isn't quite confident in herself as a person or her sexuality. She feels pushed to go down this road that leads her to becoming Rubber Woman and doing all of these very heightened, crazy things. I tried to focus more on the real aspects of her character [to] let those sort of guide me to where she ends up."

On What Makes "Stories" Unique from "Story": "I think the very limited anthology, like the episode by episode, formula is really cool for people like me who currently don't feel like they can commit to watching an entire season, but they still love the universe and the atmosphere and the vibe that American Horror Story creates. It's the added binge-worthiness. I think is a really fun way to want to explore a really wide variety of different worlds and characters and actors within one season."

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