"Antifa" Protestors Firebomb Generator, Push Over Box on WWE Raw

Finally, Antifa has come to WWE Monday Night Raw! With ratings in the garbage and Vince McMahon reportedly tearing up scripts all day, WWE shook things up on Raw in a lot of ways. Shane McMahon returned to host an underground fight club with go-go dancers, for some reason. Montez Ford collapsed at ringside, was allowed to wrestle anyway, and then collapsed again during the match. The story is he was poisoned. And in perhaps the most ridiculous angle of the night, Raw was plagued by acts of sabotage all night, culminating in footage of hoodie-clad people tossing Molotov cocktails at a generator outside the WWE Performance Center.

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

We knew something like this was coming, because Ryan Satin, purveyor of Pro Wrestling Sheet and former correspondent for WWE Backstage, published an article telling us about it earlier. Satin pushed out an article earlier today claiming that WWE was planning to debut a new faction on the show tonight and that the faction would be looking to cause "chaos" on Raw because they're trying to change the way the organization operates. But if that sounds a little too much like "protestors," don't worry, Satin, assured us this group wasn't meant to be political at all.

WWE soon confirmed the report (that they purposely leaked to their former colleague) soon after. And then this happened on Raw.

And then Satin published another article, once again assuring everyone that this was not meant to be political.

Despite the Antifa-like resemblance, sources told us earlier in the day that this storyline is not intended to be political. Our sources also say the "chaos" being caused by the group is being done in an effort to loosen control over WWE Superstars and change the way the organization operates.

And look, I may be relatively new on the wrestling scene, but I know how the game is played from my years writing about comics. I know a narrative pushed out through an outlet by a publisher… err, promoter…. when I see one. This messaging, about not being political, is messaging WWE wants people to read. They want you to know this angle isn't political. They want you to specifically know that these protestors are not meant to be "Antifa." But perhaps they doth protest too much? Subtlety isn't WWE's strong suit.

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