Today's WWE Raw Tapings are Reportedly in Chaos; But Is it a Work?

A new report on the wrestling internet today claims that WWE's television tapings for tonight's episode of Raw are in chaos, more so than usual, with Vince McMahon changing the direction of the show on the fly and no direction at all heading into SummerSlam. The report has come from several legit sources, but another report from a different source could indicate the whole thing is a work.

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

The initial report comes from Sportskeeda journalist Gary Cassidy, a man who has assured me he is not sexting my wife. Cassidy reported the situation in a series of tweets, writing, "From what I've been told, today's #WWERAW is apparently 'totally unprepared' and 'chaos from the top.' Two shows are being taped, with the first is changing on the fly while the second is still apparently incomplete. That should make for interesting viewing if nothing else!" Cassidy continued, "Apparently, there's a lack of leadership & a lot of stress due to the indecisiveness. I've been told, 'The shows will happen and air, but there's no attainable goal of quality because everything is decided under the pressure cooker of it all coming down to the very last minute,'" adding, "I should add, I've lost count how many consecutive weeks I've been told there's chaos, multiple re-writes, etc going into RAW and SmackDown and of course the show always goes on. However, the stuff I've been told about what's going on today seems even wilder than usual." He concluded, "One more exact quote. Vince's mood is described as 'volatile' as a result of the indecisiveness and chaos of today." Read Sportskeeda's article on the subject here.

Cassidy's report has been backed up by at least two other journalists. TalkSport's Alex McCarthy wrote, "On this, a source said, "you wouldn't believe the half of it" when I put this to them, seemingly confirming Gary's report," while the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer tweeted, "A quick note. This is accurate. Very chaotic today."

However, Ryan Satin, who both is a real-life journalist and has played a journalist on television, and who has close ties to WWE, released a report on ProWrestlingSheet that could explain the chaos and in fact reveal that it's all hype to promote a major storyline on tonight's episode of Raw. Satin says, "Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned a new faction will debut tonight on Raw. According to sources, the superstars in the faction are being kept close to the vest by upper brass and will not be immediately revealed. However, from what we're told, the group is set to 'cause chaos' in WWE from a storyline standpoint and use any means necessary to get the attention of management. Our sources say the 'chaos' is being caused by the group in an effort to loosen control over WWE Superstars and change the way the organization operates." The report goes on to mention Shane McMahon's advertised appearance on the show, which could be connected.

The inclusion and calling out of the "cause chaos" line is certainly interesting. Is Satin throwing shade at the earlier reports? Are his sources? Did WWE stir up the controversy to get buzz? Is Satin in on it? Who is the driver of the white hummer?! Whatever the case, if the idea is to generate interest for tonight's episode of WWE Raw, it's working for The Chadster. How about you?



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