Ash vs. Evil Dead: Would Bruce Campbell Unretire for a Fourth Season?

When Ash vs. Evil Dead premiered on Starz in 2015, there was some reserved skepticism on how the horror franchise could translate to television. There was also a question if star Bruce Campbell can pick up where he left off since the last time he played the role 23 years ago in a live-action setting in 1992's Army of Darkness. Three seasons and 30 episodes later, the series retained a mix of the random horror from the first two Evil Dead films and retained its macabre black comedy. Unfortunately, Starz canceled the series as Campbell reached significant growth as Ash Williams. To add insult to injury, the actor announced his retirement from the role but remains on board to contribute to the franchise however he can with creator Sam Raimi. The conclusion of the third season saw Ash in the alternate ending of Army of Darkness where instead of emerging in the present, he wakes up in the future to battle Deadites once more. Talking with Mainframe Comic Con 2.0, the show's cast discussed what could happen next.

Lucy Lawless, Bruce Campbell,, Dana DeLorenzo, and Ray Santiago in Ash vs. Evil Dead. Image courtesy of Lionsgate
Lucy Lawless, Bruce Campbell, Dana DeLorenzo, and Ray Santiago in Ash vs. Evil Dead. Image courtesy of Lionsgate.

Campbell's Ash vs. Evil Dead co-stars Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago, who played Kelly and Pablo respectively, commented on a possibility of a fourth season maybe on a new network.
"Well, I say, 'Never say never,'" DeLorenzo said "The way things are going, I've been reading all these very terrifying things about our industry and just productions and things are being shelved, so I honestly feel like never say never. There have been shows where they get cancelled but then they're picked up by another network. I know Bruce has said he is in retirement but I feel like Ray and I could convince him." Santiago agreed inferring the temptation could be too great for Campbell to resist. "I think enough time has passed by," he said. "He just needs a good one or two years of just like chilling in the woods and not having the Boomstick in his hands and then he starts to crave it and it'll come back." The TV series initially found Ash three decades after the events of the films with a sleazy lifestyle. Unfortunately, his immature and egotistical ways get the best of him and he reads from the Necronomicon unleashing the Deadite threat again. Ash recruits Kelly and Pablo to help him in his fight as the evil goes well beyond the cabin he lost all his friends in.

Santiago believes Ash vs. Evil Dead might be more successful on another network. "I loved the home that we had on Starz, but it was so limited in its viewership," he said. "We could have had a bigger audience were we on a platform like Hulu or Amazon or Netflix, but because we were on this cable subscription, it really limited the audience. Because as the show got on to Netflix, we started to see that people were still watching seasons one through three and were really into it. It was sad because we had this greatness and it didn't get the praise that it should have gotten. And, personally, I was really looking forward to seeing where things were gonna go with the show. Just because we had set up so many relationships, it was just all there to play with." If the series found a new home, would you watch? Check out the interview below.

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