Better Call Saul Preview: Never Too Late for Jimmy to Make Bail

Best way to tell that AMC's Better Call Saul is getting closer and closer to the Breaking Bad timeline? When Hector Salamanca's (Mark Margolis) hitmen-nephews Leonel and Marco Salamanca (Daniel Moncada, Luis Moncada) show up and it doesn't seem surprising. That's one of the reasons why this season Saul has been its best so far: we're getting a clearer picture of who Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) was, who he was during the Breaking Bad years and even a sense of the man who found his way through all of the violence and to a Cinnabon. A perfect example was last week's episode "Bagman," which filled in the blanks on how Mike (Jonathan Banks) and Jimmy first got to know one another pre-Breaking Bad days. It begins simply enough: Lalo (Tony Dalton) needs Jimmy to pick up a ton of cash from a cartel site in Mexico, and he'll walk with $100,000 for his troubles.What could go wrong?

Jimmy and Mike need to get off the road and out of sight in Better Call Saul, courtesy of AMC.
Jimmy and Mike need to get off the road and out of sight in Better Call Saul, courtesy of AMC.

One informant tip later, and Jimmy's easy trip home is interrupted by a gaggle of gunmen who are looking to grab the cash and leave Kim (Rhea Seehorn) a widow. Thankfully, Mike's a really good shot because he takes out almost all of the gunmen, leaving Jimmy and the cash in Mike's care. Of course, leave it to Jimmy's "good luck" and now Jimmy and Mike are on foot and camping out to avoid the shooter who got away. That doesn't last too long, which leads to a very Jimmy-defining moment: proving that Jimmy's bravery comes out in weird ways, he lures in the remaining gunmen long enough for Mike to take out both the car and the killer for good. So, it's back to walking for our dynamic duo, and it's clear that their journey comes to some kind of end as you'll see from the sneak preview and promo for "Bad Choice Road."

Created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, the fifth season of the critically acclaimed and award-winning drama Better Call Saul finds Jimmy's decision to practice law as "Saul Goodman" creating unexpected and profound waves of change throughout Albuquerque's legal and illegal circles. Kim finds herself at a crossroads as her connection with Jimmy deepens. Wracked with guilt and regret, Mike hits rock bottom. Meanwhile, Nacho tries to survive as Gus's covert war on the cartel becomes a life-and-death chess match with the mercurial and relentless Lalo. The long-running AMC series stars Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman aka Gene Takavic, Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler, Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut, Patrick Fabian as Howard Hamlin, Michael Mando as Nacho Varga, Tony Dalton as Lalo Salamanca, and Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring.

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