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Better Call Saul: Seehorn Has Advice for Kim; Odenkirk Shares Video

And with that, we've reached the end of a television era and, quite possibly, our final visit to Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould's "Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul" universe. And with Monday night's Gould-written & directed S06E13 "Saul Gone," we bring to a close an 11-season, 1-movie saga that wrote, rewrote, broke, and fixed the rules of serialized television. Want to make the case that it's the best television universe since the invention of the television? That's it's television's GOAT? Well, you have any number of episode examples to choose from… but consider this? How many prequels or spinoffs, in general, can you name that you could make the argument are better than the series that originated it? And then consider that the original series in question is Breaking Bad of all shows, a master class in storytelling in its own right. For fans, the series finale of "Saul" lived up to and blew past viewers' expectations by finding a way to deliver the best "happy ending" Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim (Rhea Seehorn) could have while staying true to the show's universe. And while we won't get into spoilers here, we'll just say that we think the ending is far from the last time that Jimmy and Kim meet. Now, we're hearing from both actors not long after the series finale aired, with Odenkirk sharing a personal video for fans and Seehorn offering some advice to Kim moving forward.

Better Call Saul S06E13 "Saul Gone": His Name's McGill... James McGill
BETTER CALL SAUL (Image: Screencap)

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Seehorn was asked if she had any "parting words" for Kim. As you're about to see, it looks like Seehorn is on the same page we are… or at least wants her to be. "Well, listen, there's going to be open interpretation about this finale, and I think all are valid," Seehorn shared. "But suffice it to say, in real life, I am a hopeless romantic. So my parting words for Kim are: 'Please, please, please, please, please follow your heart, because I want you to.'" And in the following Instagram post, Odenkirk discusses how he's approaching the end of the series and saying goodbye to "James McGill" before offering some wonderfully heartfelt thanks to everyone involved over the past six seasons and into Breaking Bad:


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