Big Brother Season 23 E23 Recap: Coin of Destiny Changes Everything

We're now up to the twenty-third episode of CBS' Big Brother Season 23 and spoilers are plentiful & heading your way…so turn back now if you don't want surprises and instead read my past article on the recent eviction & house-changing HOH win this season on Big Brother.

Big Brother Season 23 E23 Recap:
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The house felt that shift once Tiffany won her title of Head of Household for the week, and based on past conversations she's had, I looked at the men in the house as the targets. The given of Kyland being a third nominee and lacking the BB Bucks to help play the Coin of Destiny was something helping Tiffany if the men were to be her true target, but no one knew yet what would be in those random BB Buck envelopes. The celebration shortly after Tiffany's win included Claire, Hannah, and Azah. I would feel bad for Sarah Beth being excluded…to be honest, no way, I take any of that back, she continues to lack an awareness of any bigger allegiances than what is outside her immediate circle. Sarah Beth, Claire, and Alyssa keep moving along, and away from signals like the ones given constantly by the Cookout alliance in the Big Brother house.

Kyland and Tiffany talked about the previously agreed-to Big Brother nominations of one member of the Cookout with their partner in this house, specifically Kyland and Sarah Beth. While nervous about having to be put on the block, Kyland approached the proposal with a level-headed understanding of what could, or really should, be done. The strategy put forth by the Cookout alliance from the beginning was and still is incredibly smart. While difficult for Hannah to have sent Derek X home, the discussion about it she had with Tiffany was personal and constructive, making the alliance gain strength rather than lose it to stronger emotions. Sarah Beth may think she has something over Tiffany by eluding to her BB Buck amount and not being honest about wanting to send Derek X home, but nothing seemed to,  change how Tiffany ended up feeling about it all.

The desperation must have followed her before she was waiting in the HOH room because Sarah Beth threw Alyssa under the bus so quickly that Tiffany is correct on the harsh flipping around she heard. The nomination ceremony approached them both, and Tiffany had a decision to make. Her two nominations, outside the given third being Xavier, were Kyland and Sarah Beth. An expected result, but still a ceremony that made me a nervous wreck for no true reason. Before complacency could sneak its' way in, the High Roller's Room opened for the last time this season, for the Coin of Destiny. Going in one by one, the houseguests would find out how many BB Bucks America gave them as well as how many were in their individual envelopes. Those who ended up playing the Coin of Destiny game included Derek F and Claire. With the obvious throwing of the game, Claire ended up winning the Coin of Destiny, playing directly into Tiffany's Cookout-centered plans. The coin was flipped and Claire ended up dethroning Tiffany but keeping her nominations of Sarah Beth and Kyland.  On Wednesday at 8 PM EST. on CBS, we'll see who ends up winning the veto competition and if any changes could be made to shift Tiffany's plan.

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