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Blue Devil in DC Universe's Swamp Thing Was News to Co-Creator Dan Mishkin

Wonder what the Blue Devil creators think of the news that the character will be appearing on the DC streaming channel's upcoming Swamp Thing series? On Dan Mishkin's Facebook page, he apparently wonders too as he's taking a decidedly "we'll see" approach. Of course that may be because nobody gave him a heads up.

"Yes, it's news to me too: Blue Devil/Dan Cassidy will be a recurring character on DC's streaming service series 'Swamp Thing.'" Mishkin notes.

Mishkin does like the look of Blue Devil actor Ian Ziering but also wondered if the character wasn't perhaps coming to life in the wrong series.

"I have to say that the character as depicted in the new poster looks more like our guy than the one on a poster seen on the side of a bus in an episode of "Arrow" — even though my gut feeling is that BD would fit better in the Arrowverse than on 'Swamp Thing.' But as I said, we'll see."

[A bus advertisement for a Blue Devil movie appeared in the background in a 2014 episode of Arrow] 

All told, Mishkin is content to wait and see (although he expressed some incredulity at series writer Gary Dauberman's desire to go "extreme" with the series as he indicated in a September interview; "we always set out to make Swamp Thing as hard R as we could").

Mishkin: "Um…er…hard R rating? And does this mean DC might set me up with the streaming service for free?"

Co-creator Gary Cohn also chimed in on Mishkin's Facebook feed, responding that his "understanding is that he's there to lend a bit of lightness to something that will otherwise be pretty heavy going," adding "in the Multiverse there can be MANY versions of Blue Devil, right?"

Co-creator Paris Cullins also dropped in to establish creator consensus that Ziering looked to be a good fit.

As the man says, we'll see.

Blue Devil in DC Universe's Swamp Thing Was News to Co-Creator Dan Mishkin

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