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John Lewis, Civil Rights Icon and March Writer, diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

John Lewis, Civil Rights Icon and Writer of March, Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

US Representative, Civil Rights leader, and co-creator of the 2013 graphic series March has been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, his office announced today. The 79-year-old Lewis is considered an American civil rights and social justice legend, and the 3-part March series- co-scripted with Andrew Aydin – was an autobiographical accounting of his experiences […]

The Russos and Grimjack: A Match Made in Heaven?

The Russos and Grimjack: A Match Made in Heaven?

Largely buried in the coverage of Joe and Anthony Russo's San-Diego Comic-Con is the news that the pair will be adapting Grimjack as one of their next projects. For those of you who aren't familiar with the John Ostrander & Tim Truman created character from the dear departed (and recently resurrected) First Comics line, Grimjack […]

Forget the Debates, Who's Winning the Comic Primary?

Forget the Debates, Who's Winning the Comic Primary?

Election season in America is starting early this cycle, if indeed it ever really ended. June 26th and 27th mark the first "debates" (such as they are) between the Democratic candidates vying to be the party's champion against President The Donald in 2020. No doubt these and other debates to come will cover issues such […]

Blue Devil in DC Universe's Swamp Thing Was News to Co-Creator Dan Mishkin

Wonder what the Blue Devil creators think of the news that the character will be appearing on the DC streaming channel's upcoming Swamp Thing series? On Dan Mishkin's Facebook page, he apparently wonders too as he's taking a decidedly "we'll see" approach. Of course that may be because nobody gave him a heads up. "Yes, it's […]

More Kickstarter Comics Projects Looking for Love

It's time for another look over at Kickstarter, that crowdfunding behemoth of an incubator for up-and-coming comics talent. While there are often many recognizable names in there, as well as may writers looking to fund their 10th or 20th opus, there are plenty of brand spanking new creators looking for help getting one of their […]

New York Times and Washington Post Have a Killer Robot Duel

Skynets and Cylons and Hosts, oh my. In an article reminiscent of the perennial "do video games create psychopaths" debate, no less than the New York Times itself questioned this week whether or not  killer robot fiction is bad for us. Ed Finn, the Director of the Center for Science and Imagination at Arizona State […]

The Pentagon Unleashes Gerard Butler on the Washington Press Corps

Washington reporters have been complaining for months about being frozen out (as they see it) by the Pentagon on all topics military. Amid forces engaged in the Middle East and tension in the South China Sea, the press is bristling that there's never anyone at the Pentagon podium available or willing to give them the […]

'What We Do in the Shadows' Pilot Screened, Setting Discussed [NYCC]

The Hammerstein Theater was host to a full house of What We Do in the Shadows fans, all excited to hear about the new FX series based on the film. But the real thing the crowd was waiting for was footage, and they were not disappointed. The press was not allowed to recount any of […]

Star Trek Discovery Event Becomes Call to Political Action

A Star Trek Discovery standing-room-only event at Madison Square Garden's Hulu Theater looked more like a get out the vote election rally than a typical fan event on Saturday. Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber) was asked about the fate of his character who had apparently come to his end in season one, although his presence […]

Raw Footage of Chasing Ghosts at Marvel Rising Panel

Marvel Rising Voice Actors Kathreen Khavari (Ms. Marvel), Milana Vayntrub (Squirrel Girl), Tyler Posey (Inferno), and Kamil McFadden (Patriot) were joined by producers Cort Lane and Sana Amanat for a joyous (and sometimes downright bubbly) interaction with a roomful of fans of the television film (Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors) who were clearly looking forward eagerly […]

Star Trek Discovery Panel: A New Trailer, Hairy Klingons, and revisiting The Cage?

At the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, virtually all of the primary cast were joined by co-creator Alex Kurtzman for a discussion of Star Trek Discovery, past and present. One year after CBS launched its streaming service with a reimagined (but still in continuity) vision of Star Trek, the jam-packed theater suggests the effort […]

The #metoo & #timesup Panel at NYCC: Is it Time for Comic Creators to Unionize?

The ubiquitous #metoo and #timesup movements no longer need introduction or explanation. The energy that has synergized between these hashtags and the real stories of women across the social spectrum has been nothing short of seismic – and it's an energy that is still growing. But if the first phase of #metoo has galvanized women […]

DC All Star Panel: Tom King Owes it to You Not to be Roy Thomas

The DC All Stars panel on the Main Stage at the Javits Center was not a place to be for breaking news or insights into coming comic events. Rather it was a chance to hear from DC's "all stars;" creators at the top of their game making quality content for the company and it readership. […]

The Bitterness and Betrayal of Netflix's New She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power

As part of Netflix's continuing effort to reboot Generation X childhoods everywhere, Dreamworks' She-Ra and the Princesses of Power launches on November 16. But this is not your balding father's She-Ra (which was created by J. Michael Straczynski and Larry DiTillio). While the big breaking news from the panel is already out there, the rest […]

Welcome to New York Comic Con. Meet Your Billionaire Host.

  The 2018 NYCC, as always, is brought to you by ReedPop, which dubs itself  "the world's largest producer of games and pop culture live events.". And that's no idle boast, as RP also runs similar cons in Melbourne, Manchester, Seoul and more. It's clearly a successful business model. Where can ReedPop go from here? […]

Marjorie Liu's Keynote Speech to NYCC About Being a Dangerous Woman

No two ways about it, Marjorie Liu is extraordinary. At 39, Liu is a Hugo, GLAAD and Eisner award winning, New York Times bestselling author. She has penned quite a few comics (X-23, Black Widow, Astonishing X-Men – and the highly acclaimed and deeply personal Monstress – to name only a few). She even teaches […]