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“Swamp Thing”: “The Anatomy Lesson” Fails Alan Moore’s Original Comic Story

"Swamp Thing" Learns Nothing from Alan Moore's "Anatomy Lesson" [OPINION]

If you watch Swamp Thing on DC Universe and read the original Alan Moore comics, you knew all along where all of this was heading. The show was heading towards an adaptation of Moore's original 1984 story "The Anatomy Lesson" in Saga of the Swamp Thing #21. "The Anatomy Lesson" is one of the most […]

DC Universe | The Ultimate Membership | Swamp Thing Water Embrace

'Swamp Thing': Abby Arcane Returns to Swamp's "All Kinds of Awful" [TEASER]

With DC Universe's live-action Swamp Thing a week away from crawling out of the swamps of Louisiana and onto our screens (with your friends at Bleeding Cool chiming in next week with our review), the streaming service released a new teaser that places the spotlight squarely on Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed). No stranger to the swamps and […]

'Swamp Thing': Director Len Wiseman Offers a Quick Swamp Tour [VIDEO]

The Louisiana swamps are the stars of director Len Wiseman's (The Gifted, Lucifer) recent update as production continues on DC Universe's live-action Swamp Thing. Taking to social media Thursday night, Wiseman shared a brief video that teased the tone and atmosphere that the streaming service – and fans – are hoping for. I can feel the mosquitos biting […]

Swamp Thing: Westworld's Leonardo Nam Joins DC Universe Series

The swamps of Louisiana are getting a little more crowded as production on DC Universe's live-action Swamp Thing rolls along, with Westworld's Leonardo Nam joining Crystal Reed (Dr. Abby Arcane), Andy Bean (Alec Holland), and Derek Mears (Swamp Thing) on the upcoming series. Nam will play Harlan Edwards, a gay CDC specialist who is Abby's second-in-command. The streaming service's […]

Blue Devil in DC Universe's Swamp Thing Was News to Co-Creator Dan Mishkin

Wonder what the Blue Devil creators think of the news that the character will be appearing on the DC streaming channel's upcoming Swamp Thing series? On Dan Mishkin's Facebook page, he apparently wonders too as he's taking a decidedly "we'll see" approach. Of course that may be because nobody gave him a heads up. "Yes, it's […]

DC Universe's 'Swamp Thing' Adds Ian Ziering as Blue Devil

The swamp is getting ever-more full over at DC Universe, the streaming service which houses such live-action series as Titans and the upcoming Swamp Thing. Today it was revealed that Sharknado star Ian Ziering is joining the already impressive cast of the series as yet another DC Comics hero, the Blue Devil. According to The Hollywood Reporter, stuntman-turned-hero Blue […]

Dara Naraghi's Blue Devil And Spectre Pitches For The New 52 That Went Nowhere

Dara Naraghi of Lifelike and Persia Blues (NBM), has also woeked on Terminator and Ghostbusters comics from IDW and The Absurd Adventures of Archibald Aardvark from Image. But back in 2011, he was invited by Coordinating Editor Elisabeth Gehrlein to pitch a couple of ideas to DC Comics while they were going through the New 52 relaunch. He never got a response, but we thought it […]

Blue Devil Gets A Movie – But Only In Arrow

This is the bus ad, seen briefly on Arrow last night… And this is the poster. Blue Devil in 3D, coming this summer, as tweeted by Marc Guggenheim. So at least the folk in the Arrow TV show will be getting a Blue Devil movie even if us mere mortals won't… maybe they'll get a […]

Dan Mishkin Asks Why Shouldn't Wonder Woman Be Kryptonian?

This week there was an odd internet rumor buzzing around of a very different background for Wonder Woman in the planned Man Of Steel sequel. Supposedly she or the Amazons would have ties to Krypton. Maybe connecting to the empty chamber on the Kryptonian ship in the first movie. This of course was completely unsubstantiated and […]

Black Lightning Or Black Lightening?

Tony Isabella posted; Yes, I have heard the news about Black Lightning.  You don't have to e-mail me, private message me, phone me, or post links on my Facebook page.  My only public comments to date have been "Words fail me" and, to my friend Dan Mishkin, "Forget it, Dan.  It's DC Town." But, really, […]