Bob's Burgers S11 Navigates In-Laws & Airport Terminal Chaos: Review

In the latest episode of Bob's Burgers, "The Terminalator II: Terminals of Endearment", goes to the airport for a family visit with Linda's parents. This visit becomes quickly chaotic, not only because of Al's desperate need for anti-itch crème but also because nothing is easy when it comes to an airport. While Bob is hopeful beyond belief that this visit could count them out of needing to travel to Florida, the kids learn about a rare (and possibly nonexistent trend at this point?) opportunity to get a pin of a set of gold wings. And while Tina has one, from traveling as an infant, Gene and Louise feel jealous over the small reward for a first flight that they have yet to go on. While the kids hilariously try to blend in, Linda and Bob struggle over finding a lost parent in the terminal only to lose the other one.

Bob's Burgers Navigates In-Laws And Airport Terminal Chaos: Review
The family turns to TSA for help. Source: FOX

What makes this episode of Bob's Burgers so fantastic isn't only the quips from Linda's parents, but the message of communicating boundaries with your elderly parents. Bob becomes concerned that Linda is bending to every will of her parents too much at the cost of her own sanity. The episode uses the entirety of the setting, the airport, to tell the story of the frustration that can happen when the disconnect grows between parents and child as the years go on. I personally hoped for a little more connection between what was happening with Linda's parents and what the kids were written to do in the episode.

But one factor makes this episode a top favorite of mine for this season so far and that is how much my attention was kept and how the time leaped forward because of it. I'm not always one to be able to pay attention easily, even to some of my favorite shows without going back again and again. But Bob's Burgers challenged this with the fantastic inclusion of Linda's parents and intense relatability. Let us know in the comments if you liked this episode!

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