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Buffy/Angel: Why Caleb "Scared" Fillion; Gunn on Demon Double Duty

Nathan Fillion on what Joss Whedon taught him about playing a villain on Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Sean Gunn does demon double-duty on Angel.

With the cast of James Gunn & Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 making the press rounds in support of the film, you can always find some interesting topics that come up when you have that many rounds of interviews because you want to make sure your questions stand out. So that's how we know what stars Sean Gunn (Kraglin) and Nathan Fillion (Master Orgosentry Karja) had to say about their time in the Buffyverse. As a refresher, Fillion played the defrocked priest, serial killer & the First Evil's enforcer Caleb during the seventh season of the Sarah Michelle Gellar-starring, Joss Whedon-created Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Meanwhile, Gunn spent some time in the David Boreanaz-starring, Whedon & David Greenwalt-created spinoff series Angel (as Lucas in S01E01 "Hero" and Mars in S01E13 "She"). Speaking with, Fillion discussed why he wouldn't mind playing a "big bad" as bad as Caleb. Following that, Gunn explains how he was able to portray two different characters during the first on two different episodes – episodes that were only weeks apart.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER/ANGEL (Image: WBTV; YouTube Screencap) Buffy Buffy

Would Fillion Consider Another Evil Turn Like Caleb? "Yeah, absolutely. That was my first time playing a villain. And Joss Whedon taught me a lot about playing villains. The first thing being, the villain doesn't think he's the villain. That was very informative to me. He's not in the corner of wrenching his hands going, 'I'm the bad guy, and I'm going to do something nasty,'" Fillion explained. And what was it about Caleb that made him so evil? "He's justified, and he is righteous, which I think makes… I'm really scared of righteous people because once they're righteous, they can't be wrong anymore," Fillion explained. "Whatever they want, they feel righteous. You can't stop them. It's the worst. So yeah, that scares me too."

How Gunn's Return Same-Season Return Appearance Came to Be: "What happened there, honestly, is that I was up for one of the lead roles on 'Angel' at the very beginning. So when that show was getting made, I had auditioned for one of the regular characters. Didn't get it. That's fine. That happens. But I think Joss [Whedon] was always kind of like, 'Let's try to find something for that guy.' And then I came on, and I played the demon, and it was like, 'Oh, that was cool, that was great. But maybe there's still something else,'" Gunn revealed. "And so then they just asked me again, which was such a cool thing. But that's kind of how that went down. I don't think any of it was planned. And it was certainly at a time when, nowadays, the entire season of television is written all in one shot. But then it wasn't really, it was less like that. It was kind of episode-to-episode. So it was kind of like, they're going to maybe find a place for me."

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