Call for Refunds Over Mike Read's Interview with Chevy Chase in London Last Night

Mike Read was a BBC Radio One DJ in the heydays of the eighties, presenting Top Of The Pops on TV and the Saturday Superstore kids TV show, at the time being one of the most famous people in the country. But that was then.

But tastes change, he was sacked from Radio 1, he was ruthlessly parodied by Harry Enfield as Mike Smash of Fab FM. He's renowned for middle-of-the-road musical tastes on syndicated commercial radio shows, a strong line in conservative politics and working with UKIP, and putting on musical shows.

Last night, for no explicable reason, he hosted an Evening With Chevy Chase in Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London, interviewing the comedian who in recent days has sparked controversy for critiquing some targeted by the #metoo movement, specifically his friends Dustin Hoffman and Al Franken.

Though that, oddly, wasn't an issue for discussion. Instead, the questions veered from whether he plays golf, likes Paris, the state of his haemorrhoids or what message he had for young people about drugs. He also got his guitar out to try and encourage Chevy in a singalong, that didn't go well. The audience was divided whether he was more like David Brent or Alan Partridge.

Then someone shouted out "Mike Read is a twat" from the audience, getting the biggest laugh of the night, and Mike Read walked off. And that, it seems, was that. Courtesy of Promotopia….

There were also plenty of issues with the sound. Although in this case this may be akin to the restaurant complaints about the terrible food – and how small the portions were. Reaction from the audience has been a mix of amusement, bafflement and downright mocking…


The hunt for refunds continues apace…

Could we have an Evening With Dan Ackroyd, interviewed by Russ Abbott next? Actually, I'd probably want to go see that.


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