Cody Rhodes Wants Match with Shaq to Benefit AEW Women's Division

Tonight on AEW Dynamite: The Crossroads, Shaq will step into the AEW ring to team with Jade Cargill in a tag team match against Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet. During a conference call Wednesday ahead of the AEW Revolution PPV, Cody Rhodes discussed the match and how he hopes Red Velvet will be the ultimate beneficiary of Shaq's presence in the wrestling world.

Shaq teams with Jade Cargill to face Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet at AEW Dynamite: The Crossroads
Shaq teams with Jade Cargill to face Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet at AEW Dynamite: The Crossroads

"For me, Shaq's presence and what Shaq brings is obvious," Rhodes said." He definitely has a very large audience, a very, very large following. If you look at everything he's doing with Shaq Life and you look at his world and all of his entrepreneurial efforts, he's really a model businessman. But for me, this match, I would like to see Red Velvet really hopefully emerge the star and hopefully emerge victorious of this. You know, if anything, this match has presented a big opportunity for both Red Velvet and for Jade."

"Our women's division is continuing to grow," Rhodes continued. "We're continuing to cultivate it, the Eliminator tournament that's happening, and to be able to, during a pandemic, cross the ocean to make it happen. But it was not easy. Tony Khan moved heaven and earth to get production in Japan, and he made it happen. So for me, this emboldens and bolsters are our women's division."

"You know, I'm not going to say anything mean about Shaq because he's entering a different world," said Rhodes immediately before taking a shot at Shaq. "If I was to step on the court and play horse with Shaq, it would be a joke. And I hope he's ready. I know he trained, and he's trained near me. But we'll see. I don't think he's got enough gas in the tank to compete with me."

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