Comic Book Villain Wish List: Legends of Tomorrow – Eclipso

As we continue along on Christmas Day, I'm sharing my list of comic book villains that I wish would appear on some of the television series currently airing. Taking a look at DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the team doesn't exist in the comics so I had to look at Justice League villains to find one that I think would really click well with the show and be a formidable opponent, that lead me to Eclipso.


The character of Eclispo first appeared in House of Secrets #61 (1963) from the creative team of Bob Haney and Lee Elias. He was the original Spirit of Wrath, called Galid. But wrath was driven by anger, where as vengeance was a bit more discerning, leading to him being replaced by the Spectre. He was split asunder by the new Spirit of Vengeance and his physical form placed into the Heart of Darkness, a black diamond from Apokolips. The rest was banished to the dark side of the moon. The Heart of Darkness was shattered into a thousand pieces and Galid, now Eclipso, found a way to control people through the diamond shards… getting angry people to allow Eclipso to possess them.

He's got a boat-load of powers including possession, flight, invulnerability, magic, energy projection, size alteration, and superhuman strength. He has a vulnerability to sunlight and can only come out at night.

What would make him an incredible villain for the Legends is that possession factor. We could end up with Legends fighting Legends and the actors getting a chance to show different sides of their personalities. And since this is Legends and the angriest guy on the ship seems to be Mick Rory, it would be in keeping with the spirit of the show if he is the only one not possessed and has to be the hero of the day. He has the potential to be a big bad, but I think he would be more fun as a one or two-episode villain… or maybe even the focus of a crossover. Thought hat might be too soon after dealing with evil doppelgangers.

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