Creepshow S02E03B "Sibling Rivalry" Preview: A Deadly Family Reunion?

A new week brings two more twisted tales of terror from Shudder and showrunner/EP Greg Nicotero's (The Walking Dead) hit horror anthology series Creepshow. And the best part- for purely selfish reasons? We have an exclusive sneak preview that helps set the mood for the horrors that await you. Based on the horror-comedy classic and loving homage to the classic horror comics of the past, Creepshow is quite literally a comic book come to life (though "come back from the dead" would be a better fit, theme-wise). And when they say you'll never know what's on the next page, they're not joking around. Just look at this week's episode, which takes viewers from the depths of space (where we've been told it's tough to be heard screaming?) to the very grounded realities of familial fear- as you're about to see in the following exclusive preview for "Sibling Rivalry." Lola (Maddie Nichols) is convinced her brother is out to kill her- though the proof she's looking for might not be quite what she expected (or wanted).

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Here's your look at the sneak preview for "Sibling Rivalry"- following that, an overview of both chapters for this week's episode, "The Right Snuff" / "Sibling Rivalry":

Creepshow Season 2, Episode 3A "The Right Snuff": Two astronauts are on a history-making mission in space, but when the promise of fame and glory collides with a major misunderstanding, it ensures they'll go down in history for an entirely different reason. Written by Paul Dini, Stephen Langford & Greg Nicotero, and directed by Joe Lynch. Ryan Kwanten, Breckin Meyer, Gabrielle Byndloss, and Kara Kimmer star.

Creepshow Season 2, Episode 3B "Sibling Rivalry": Lola is convinced her brother is trying to kill her… but the more she pieces together, the less things make sense. Turns out, she's looking for a monster in entirely the wrong place. Written by Melanie Dale and directed by: Rusty Cundieff. Maddie Nichols, Molly Ringwald, Andrew Brodeur, Ja'Ness Tate, and Jerri Tubbs star.

Photo Credit: Curtis Baker/Shudder

And there's even more amazing horror coming your way later this year, with Shudder announcing in January that the horror anthology series would be back for a third season of six episodes- with guest stars Ethan Embry (Grace & Frankie) and Andrew Bachelor (The Walking Dead) already announced. "During our season two production, Shudder was so pleased with what they were seeing that they asked us to roll right into production on a brand-new third season that will feature some of our most ambitious stories yet," said Nicotero. "I'm incredibly thankful to the team at Shudder for the opportunity to continue honoring the genre with more gleefully ghoulish tales over not one, but two new seasons of Creepshow this year."

Shudder's Creepshow is produced by the Cartel with Monster Agency Productions, Taurus Entertainment, and Striker Entertainment: Stan Spry, Jeff Holland, and Eric Woods are executive producers and Geoff Silverman and Anthony Fankhauser are co-executive producers for the Cartel; Nicotero and Brian Witten are executive producers and Julia Hobgood is a co-executive producer for Monster Agency Productions; Robert Dudelson, James Dudelson, and Jordan Kizwani are executive producers for Taurus Entertainment; Russell Binder is executive producer and Marc Mostman co-executive producer for Striker Entertainment; Mitchell Galin serves as a producer.

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