Dallas and Robo Turn Part-Time Poirots to Catch a Killer: Preview

It's not that we weren't going to check out this weekend's episode of John Cena (The Suicide Squad) and Kat Dennings' (Dollface) Dallas and Robo anyway (airing Saturday night at midnight-ish ET/PT as part of SYFY's TZGZ late-night adult animation block). But when they went and tapped into my obsession with Agatha Christie novels, in particular, that moment when Hercule Poirot gathers everyone together in the study to break down how the crime was committed before nailing the killer (or not so much in Murder on the Orient Express). With "Murder On The Georgia Overdrive," our dysfunctional duo are forced to play dime novel detectives to catch a killer before he or she eats the other suspects (though that does cut down on the number of suspects to consider).

TZGZ on SYFY | "Dallas And Robo" Ep. 104 "Murder On The Georgia Overdrive" Clip | SYFY
TZGZ on SYFY | "Dallas And Robo" Ep. 104 "Murder On The Georgia Overdrive" Clip | SYFY

In the following exclusive preview clip, Dallas and Robo engage in the other time-honored detective tradition of interrogating the suspects. Two problems, though: Dallas keeps having trouble remembering what crime they're investigating, and at least one suspect has trouble remembering which crime he should deny being guilty of:

Dallas and Robo season 1, episode 4 "Murder On The Georgia Overdrive": It's a dark and solar stormy night aboard The Overdrive as Dallas and Robo attempt to discover which one of their new passengers is secretly a murderous cannibal biker in disguise. Directed by Phil Andrews, and written by Matt Mariska and Andy Sipes.

Produced by ShadowMachine (Final Space, BoJack Horseman) and YouTube Originals, the SYFY series is executive produced by Cena, series creator Mike Roberts, and showrunners Matt Mariska and Andy Sipes. ShadowMachine's Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico also serve as executive producers.

From ShadowMachine ("BoJack Horseman") and YouTube Originals, the space-trucking comedy DALLAS AND ROBO follows the misadventures of foul-mouthed ex-stock car racer Dallas (Dennings) and her ass-kickin' artificially intelligent good buddy, Robo (Cena). Together, they navigate their way around cannibal bikers, rival space truckers and vending machine burritos as they try to make a buck in the seedy world of interplanetary big rigging.

As the immediate future of live-action, scripted programming remains under a COVID-19 cloud of doubt, more and more networks and streaming services have been ordering more adult animated projects to series. Dallas & Robo are part of a growing slate at TZGZ as SYFY continues growing the weekly late-night animation block. Previously, Devil May Care, starring Alan Tudyk (Resident Alien) and Asif Ali (BoJack Horseman) and three pilots were given greenlights by the NBCUniversal-owned network.

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